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You can call me Hal.

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The day, somewhat randomly.
I spent nearly the whole day updating my website, since I was months and months behind. I had to start in February and work my way through, adding stories. But now I'm current. Hopefully I didn't miss any! It took a little longer than it should have because I had to stop and re-read all the InuKai and MomoKai stories. *g*

I'm still behind on comments though. :(

Some very loud and obnoxious people have moved in below us. My hope is that the loud and obnoxious guys are just helping the somewhat less loud and obnoxious girls move in and will not be around much longer. Alas, I fear that hope is vain. We'll see how it goes. I'll give them a few days to settle in before complaining to them. *looks for earplugs*

Why can't everyone just sit quietly, hands folded? Life would be so much better if everyone didn't make so much noise. I think noise bothers me more than anything else. Sometimes, when I'm trying to sleep, I can hear my own heart beating and the sound drives me crazy.

I've been trying to find torrents for the most recent Ultraman Max raws -- 13 and 14 but so far no luck. Anarion has neither and I didn't find anything on Greedland either (though that might just mean I don't know what to search on). Anyone have another source?

Even with the ultra-low quality scans I have of Genius 286, Tezuka is looking very fine. Very, very fine. I think I'll go make some toast now.

ETA: Checking my webstats. Someone was searching for Family Circus fanfiction. I have no words.

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congratulations! it's gratifying to see other people have just as much trouble updating regularly as I do. I'm about due again, there's isn't even any Loveless up on mine yet, or any of the Inui/Kaidoh.

Hee! Sometimes it's just easier to write new fic than bother about uploading the old stuff. My site is all set up with Moveable Type to be easy to update, but still and all, it's time-consuming.

(Deleted comment)
Luckily, by the time I got to bed, they'd calmed down some so I didn't need the earplugs. But I'm keeping them there just in case. :)

Family Circus...fan...fiction. I never thought I'd see the day.

The mind boggles. Of course, now I have an idea for some...

at least they weren't searching for Family Circus NC-17 fanfiction.

Were they?

Well, if you try that you get Buffy fic.

Not that I could tell, thank the lords of Kobol!

Family Circus fanfiction?? No. I do NOT want to know.

Family Circus fanfiction

... I swear that this was not me. Except now omg maybe it will be.

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