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You can call me Hal.

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Have you ever wondered if there was more to life, other than being really, really, ridiculously good looking?
tezuryo toast
Got some better scans, so here's a download of Genius 286 raw (YS!, 5.5 MB zip). By the way, is it useful for me to upload the raws here? I'm not all about "comment if you download" but it would be good to know if no one is downloading them.

In any case, I think this is the hottest Tezuka yet. Seriously. This panel is just fist-bitingly GUH.

The unzipping is so sexy I can hardly stand it. Why is he not being photographed with Milla Jovovich for Vogue?

I think they play a bit of tennis in this issue. Maybe. I can't remember.

The unzipping is so sexy...

Ohgod, yes. o.O

I've been staring at it all day.

Wow. Um. Oh. GUH. O.O

I'm not that big a Tezuka fan in general (despite the ever-sexy Okiayu voice), but THAT I will happily drool over. Yum.

Yeah, I know what you mean. :)

...fist-bitingly GUH. *stares at the pretty and can only nod in fervent agreement*

And I, for one, definitely appreciate the raws, so you've got at least one person DLing and thanking you for them. :)

(Interesting side note -- the kid is apparently Chitose's little sister. Talk about a disparate-looking pair of siblings...)

I'm glad you're downloading the raws! Are you missing any? I don't know that I've been very consistant witht them.

*nabs* It is, indeed, helpful, yes!

OdearGodsohot. *fans*

And your uploads are a lifesaver. ^__^ Thank you.

Excellent! Are you missing any issues? I think my uploading has been a bit spotty.

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God, he's so not. And so hot. And yes, just to look, that would be enough.




I'm going to have to start reading the bloody manga just because I am clearly missing out on the massive amounts of HOT.


It looked like the final panels (which I just wrote as "pillar") consisted of Tezuka being indescribably hot. And being hot. And rendering everyone incoherent due to the nature of his inherent hotness. And winning from hotness. And being hot some more.

Is that how you read it?

I believe he did, but I don't think the match is over. I didn't see any game numbers.

I think it's Tezuka's Super Model Attack, kind of like Sexy no Jutsu, only he doesn't turn into a woman.

(Deleted comment)
Yay! I thought of you tonight when I was reading over old manga issues and Tachibana wondered if he should contact Tezuka on Kyuushuu. :)

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...And when I read this post I had Franz Ferdinand's Do You Want To playing in the background. The universe is telling me something. XD

All signs point towards...HOT BUTTERED TOAST! (Though I'm eating a granola bar for breakfast today.)


You know. I still haven't gotten past vol. 10 of the manga.

*shall fix that immediately*

You really, really should. :) And your icon is making me dizzy!

There was this moment, when she was sandwiched between the Finnish dwarves and the Maori tribesman, when I thought, "I could really spend my life with this woman..."

I really, really need to buy the DVD.

Jesus everything. AHHH zipper and collarbones and crotch.

Downloading. Obviously.

My god. *downloads frantically*

...no, I have no words.