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You can call me Hal.

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Since it's Atobe's birthday and my early-morning attempts at buchou x buchou porn didn't get anywhere, I thought I would instead make this icon, in order to correct some misapprehensions about his character.

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The icon is totally hilarious. *pats Atobe* So misunderstood.

(Atobe/Ann is one of my guilty pleasures, don´t tell anyone)

I´m sorry to hear the buchou x buchou porn didn´t come through. it would have been nice to read. little porn addict that i am.

I may try again with the porn later. Cause I secretly do like Tezuka/Atobe. I've been both watching and reading their match a lot lately, in aid of TezuRyo and TezuOishi. But it's also making me want to see them sweaty and naked together.

I don´t mind breaking the TezuRyo is it´s Tezuka who cheats (poor Ryoma, i never read him with anyone else) and i do really enjoy the Tezuka/Atobe though the problem is that i love better them as friends. I think that though rivals they have this very tender companionship going on underneath. And the friendship thing draws me more than the sweaty and naked part. whihc is unforgivable. something´s very wrong with my head.

It's like my secret and shameful Harry-Draco friendship kink! *g*

I do have Sims!Tezuka cheating on Ryoma with Atobe. It's very hot.

*dies laughing* Brilliance.

I love that icon. Even if I don't know a thing about the fandom it's from, I still love it. ♥

Hee! Thanks. :) Atobe is everything the fangirls wish Draco Malfoy were.

I always liked thinking Atobe was bisexual. After all, would he really think it was fair to deny an entire gender the pleasure of his prowess?

(Also: any future products of your brain that might involve Tezuka and Atobe naked and sweaty together will inspire great enthusiasm from me.)

After all, would he really think it was fair to deny an entire gender the pleasure of his prowess?

I'm sure you're right! It would be like only letting half the people view the Mona Lisa.


I'm sure he appreciates the b-day present. *snickers madly*

I do hope so! I tried so hard... *g*

Oh my god, I nearly drowned just now snarfing water.

How can anyone not love Atobe? He's fabulous!

Faaaaaaaabulous, darling.

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