Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Wine and the disappearing universe

LJ posts are dropping in and out of my friends list. I read to the end of the page, go to the next page, and the last entry I read is halfway down the page with previously unseen posts above it! And I've been having a lot of hidden comments lately, you know, the ones that you get the email for and you can see them on Recent Comments, but the don't show up on the post until you reply to them.

Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm in that one episode of TNG where people keep disappearing and the ship keeps disappearing and then it's just Crusher and Picard and she says, "Jean-Luc, I have to tell you something," like she always did when they got into life-or-death situations and we always thought she was going to tell him that Wesley was his son but then he disappears too and she's the only one left alive in the universe.

But I'm still getting spam, so I guess that didn't happen to me.


I wanted to do some writing tonight and I realised that I had to pick up a bottle of wine in order to be able to work on this particular story. I was standing in the liquor store, thinking, "Would this story go better with white or red?" Other stories call for scotch or beer or coffee or tea. Some are fine with water.

Maybe I should put a serving suggestion on the finished story: Best read with a dry white wine.

If I don't end up drinking so much that I can't finish it, of course.
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