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In which Tezuka

I don't have anything for Tezuka's birthday. I tried to write a crack drabble this morning before work, but never thought of a good way to end it. I tried to make an icon, but Photoshop crashed while I was erasing background. So I watched Ultraman Max instead. (Kooooooooba!)

Anyhow, it's been the bloody Tezuka Festival Chez Hal for the last month and a half. Two TezuRyo stories, two InuTez, and then the Tezuka/Atobe. (Anyhow, that should do for both their birthdays.) And I have one or two more Tezuka pairings to get to in the next little while.

Here's the "plot" of the drabble, so you can at least see it in your mind's eye:

Inui runs into Tezuka at practice. They clutch each other so as not to fall over. Inui, having something of a crush on Tezuka, enjoys this unexpected closeness. However, he notices Kaidoh staring at them and moves away so that Kaidoh won't get the wrong (or perhaps right) idea. But then Inui realises that Kaidoh is still staring. At Tezuka.

Tezuka then crosses over to Kaidoh and starts talking to him. Kaidoh blushes.

Inui is still gaping, too shocked to move, when Fuji comes up to him. Fuji apologizes to Inui, but he had to detatch Tezuka from Ryoma somehow and figured this would be the best way to do it. He leaves and Inui starts plotting how to break up Fuji and Ryoma, get Ryoma back with Tezuka, get Kaidoh back with Inui, and get revenge on Fuji.

I'm not sure why I thought this would be appropriate for Tezuka's birthday, except that I can't imagine anyone getting a better present than Kaidoh. :)
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