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You can call me Hal.

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Tenipuri swag
tezuka tattoo
No comment necessary to download. But feel free to squee if you so desire. :)

Genius 287 Raw - 9.4 MB zip, YSI

Tezuka's Birthday Single - Dakishimete Shimai Sousa - 9.2 MB zip, YSI
Okiayu's voice is always nice to listen to. And the voice message is TO DIE!

Finished the new Teuzka icon *points up* and also this lovely Atobe icon: (Not to take -- it's mine, all mine!)

In other news, if you go to the liquor store on Friday afternoon, you can get tight just from free samples! Yay!

The long weekend stretches out before me, three days of no committments and the Boy is away. I shall get projects done! Also drinking! And watch more toku! I love weekends alone, so very much.

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(Deleted comment)
Nor can I, but the matches aren't that hard to follow.

Music: More Okiayu, always good! *dotes on the cuteness*

Manga: (timelapse response) Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Hot, hot hot! Yes, yes... ... NO, NO, NO! Aw, hell.

*wry* Thank you for upping these.

Yeah, that was my initial response to the manga. Plus I'd just like to get this match *over*. But I'm feeling a bit differently about it now.

Thanks a lot for the downloads!
I too have a three day weekend ahead, with no committments and no one to share :D Feels like absolute freedom!

(Deleted comment)
Free samples at the liquor store? I guess I shop in the wrong places.

I love weekends alone, too. Mr. semielliptical is unexpectedly out of town and I am so pleased, even though it's a short weekend because I have to work.

Where I live, you can only buy liquor, from beer on up, in special stores. On Friday afternoons, when everyone is out stocking up for the weekend, they have cute girls standing in the aisles, plying you with samples of beer or wine or alcopop. I never say no. :)

Enjoy your quiet time!

Your icon makes me happy.<33 [/end random comment]

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