Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Tenipuri swag

No comment necessary to download. But feel free to squee if you so desire. :)

Genius 287 Raw - 9.4 MB zip, YSI

Tezuka's Birthday Single - Dakishimete Shimai Sousa - 9.2 MB zip, YSI
Okiayu's voice is always nice to listen to. And the voice message is TO DIE!

Finished the new Teuzka icon *points up* and also this lovely Atobe icon: (Not to take -- it's mine, all mine!)

In other news, if you go to the liquor store on Friday afternoon, you can get tight just from free samples! Yay!

The long weekend stretches out before me, three days of no committments and the Boy is away. I shall get projects done! Also drinking! And watch more toku! I love weekends alone, so very much.
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