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PoT Fic: Second, Tezuka/Oishi

The eighth of the request meme thingies (I'll get through them all yet!), for graymm, who asked for Tezuka/Oishi - "You can't get away with this." I think I wandered a ways from the prompt.

Tezuka/Oishi is my manga ship, just like Tezuka/Ryoma is my anime ship. It's been interesting looking at the same events from both perspectives.

Second by Halrloprillalar
Prince of Tennis, Tezuka/Oishi, 650 words.
What's important.

NOTE: Manga canon only. Focuses on issues 42 & 43, the match with Echizen.

"What did she say?" Oishi asks.

Tezuka nods and shuts the door behind him.

"You won't tell him before his injury heals."

"No," Tezuka says and they come out into the evening.

"They're probably still at Kawamura's."

"Did you want to go back?"

"No," Oishi says and Tezuka is glad. They walk, slowly, until the place their paths diverge. They stand for a few moments under a streetlight and Oishi rests his notebook against Tezuka's back while he makes a copy of the day's match statistics. "I'm not sure it was wise to let him play," he says.

"He was capable."

Oishi carefully tears out the page and hands it to Tezuka. "Well, the doctor said he would be fine."

"Yes," Tezuka says. Oishi is frowning and Tezuka wonders if he will say more.

But instead, Oishi's face clears. He smiles at Tezuka and touches his arm. And then he's off, down the road, turning the corner, gone.


"What did he say?" Oishi asks.

"Nothing." Tezuka can still see the look on Echizen's face, eyes wide with surprise.

Oishi walks around the clubhouse, straightening a pile of boxes, picking up a stray ball. "Do you really need to take him down a peg?"

"I'm not," Tezuka says. He's not.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"It's fine." They have been over this before.

Oishi stops in front of Tezuka. His eyes are bright with concern. "But, Tezuka, your--"

"It's fine." And Tezuka takes Oishi by the shoulders and kisses him.

Oishi pulls back. "Not in here," he says.

It's fine, Tezuka wants to say but doesn't, because he's said it twice already and three times would sound stupid. Instead, he kisses Oishi again and this time Oishi relaxes against him, sliding his hand onto the back of Tezuka's neck and brushing the corner of Tezuka's mouth with his tongue.

Five minutes later they are still there.


"Tezuka, are you listening to me?"

The words seem far away, unrelated to the sounds of the train, the sight of the buildings slipping past them.

"Was it really necessary?"

"Yes," Tezuka says and that's all he can get out. He's still thinking of what he saw in Echizen. The seed of something greater than Tezuka could have imagined, a seed that had to be split open before it could grow. He can't tell this to Oishi, not now.

"And if your arm?"

The vibrations of the train shake Tezuka's body. His arm is sore. He holds it against his side. "Seigaku will go to Nationals," he says, speaking loudly so his voice will carry over the shaking of the train.

"That's not..." Oishi falls silent and Tezuka stares out the window. His head is too full and he can't meet Oishi's eyes.


Tezuka nods before Oishi can ask. Oishi's face lights up and he clasps Tezuka's forearm for a moment. He swings Tezuka's bag onto his shoulder.

On the hospital steps, Tezuka turns to him. "I can carry that."

"It's fine," Oishi says and smiles and won't let go.

When they come to Oishi's turn-off, Oishi doesn't turn.


"I'm sorry," Oishi says when Tezuka gets back to his room.

Tezuka sets down the tray and looks at it, then at Oishi. The snacks don't seem to require an apology.

"I was too harsh with you." Oishi stands up. "I was worried. I'm sorry." There's a crease in his forehead, his fingers are curled.

"Oishi." Tezuka is sorry Oishi was worried, and glad. "It's fine."

They sit on the floor and eat and drink. There's something out of place, but it takes a minute for Tezuka to see what it is.

On the wall beside the bed is pinned a piece of paper that wasn't there before. There's a message in Oishi's hand: Let's go to Nationals together.

Tezuka reads it and smiles. The arm he puts around Oishi's shoulders doesn't hurt at all.
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