Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

You are not a chicken.

Have obtained Thud!. All other activities on hold until I have finished it.

Well, except work. Also I have to game tonight. And tomorrow night. Dammit! We're doing Stargate d20 tonight. Maybe I can put a different cover on the book and say my character is consulting a book on the Maya. All night.

In other book news, I'm about 1/6th into Anansi Boys and it's just not grabbing me. It's enjoyable, but not compelling. Hmm. I'll finish it, but it's getting pushed down the list.

And I have the first bit of a (the?) FMA novel which I didn't even know was licensed until the Boy brought it home last night. I'll report on it once I've read it.

Now off to work read work. That's it, work.
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