Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,


I feel a little empty, actually. I wanted to be moved, but I wasn't. I'd had my cry and my denial early on in the season when Jonathan died and it's never been quite the same for me since.

I think this should have been a two-hour ep. There would have been more scope, more time to find out what happens to everyone.

And forgive me for nitpicking, but didn't they spend a lot of time early in the season driving home how hard it was for Buffy to kill just one ubervamp? And now Giles can kill one with a sword?

I'd somehow figured Buffy had more of a plan than "engage a thousand ubervamps in hand-to-hand combat." Where's Wesley when you need him?

*sigh* for Anya, especially as she and Giles never did get it on. *sigh* that Xander and Andrew didn't hug.

But I enjoyed Angel and I enjoyed Spike's Angel punching bag and the D&D made me smile. Also Buffy's hot oil comment. The scene with Our Four Heroes harking back to the first ep was contrived, but nice.

And the best part: it's done, it's complete, and I will never again be spoiled for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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