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You can call me Hal.

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Like a simile.
kaidoh kalos
Write this down, the migraine said, and so I did.

Adolescence hit Kaidoh like a thing that doesn't hit you at all, but instead sneaks up on you like a flower closed tightly in the night and the next morning blooms into you can't stop staring at Inui-senpai's ass in his track pants.

Adolescence hit Kaidoh like a stick strikes a gong and everyone can hear you walk into doors and fail your math quiz and double-fault when Inui-senpai is beside the court watching you serve.

Adolescence hit Kaidoh right between the eyes, like an incurable disease that makes your palms sweaty and your stomach churn and you can't get the words out of your throat when Inui-senpai asks you how many kilometres you ran last night.

"You're three weeks behind schedule," Inui-senpai said and made a note in his book. He kissed Kaidoh like the first slow bite into a sun-warmed peach and the juice runs down your chin and makes your fingers all sticky and terrifies you with its sweetness.

Adolescence hit Kaidoh and it was the first time that Kaidoh couldn't hit back.

And the first time he didn't want to.

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*laughs* Three weeks behind schedule indeed. *smacks Inui*

That was adorable. *huggles and wishes the migraine away*

Inui is such a dork! Glad you liked it. :) And the migraine is gone.

This fic is like a grilled cheese sandwich. And I mean that in a good way. Too bad the migraine had to be involved.

Hee! All gooey and cheesy? *g*

(Deleted comment)
You know, I never would have even thought about Charles Manson RPS if you hadn't brought it up. *kisses*

(Deleted comment)
*hugs back* Kaidoh is such a sweetie.

Wonderful, wonderful InuKai drabble. I love your use of the similes, especially the one for the kiss. :D

Thank you! It was the drugs talking fun. :)

Nice, this is really unique. Cute use of your similes!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

The whole 'sun-warmed peach' thing... @_@!!! Yus, that was glorious ^^. Hopefully Inui will eat the rest of it later. Because, really, you shouldn't let a sexy, bandana-wearing peach go to waste. ... if he smuts Kaidoh, does that count as Fruitophilia?

Migranes are evil, you must DESTROY IT! I'm cheering you on ^^.

The migraine went away overnight, so I'm happy now. I think Inui will take another bite later on. *g* I'm glad you liked it!


Silly Inui, you know HE could have made a move... *thwacks him*

Inui, Inui. *g* But I think they're both happy now.

Ah, lovely story! :D Poor, tortured Kaidoh though... XD

Hee! Kaidoh's only going through what we all had to. (And thank god *those* days are over!)

oh god... *wibbles*
I want a peach now...

Do you dare to eat a peach? *g* I'm glad you're all wibbly!

*is teh mush on the floor*

Adolescence is a wondrous thing, Kaidoh! *snuggles him* The peach simile made me hungry... *teh drool*

Aw, mush. :) I do love them at this age, all confused and stupid. *g* Thank you!

Short, but totally love it <3

XD Short 'n' sweet. The way i like it XD

You should have migraines more often. XD XD XD

I had one last week, but it didn't create any fic. *g* I'm glad you enjoyed!

*flails* I loved this. ^^ So poignant. And of course that's how Kaidoh would react because everything with him is intense. I can absolutely see him walking into doors and not even feeling the pain because he's too overwhelmed with thinking about Inui. XD

Scary Inui. O_o But I'm sort of glad his calculations are off because that's what's so great about those two.

Great job. :3

I'm so glad to hear you liked this! I hadn't read it over in a long time and I like it too, though I can tell I was pretty hopped up on migraine drugs while I was writing. *g* Oh, Kaidoh. I love thinking about him being just this hazy with desire.

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