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Tenipuri episodes 27-29

Note: There may be mild spoilers for future episodes in these write-ups. Previous: memories or tagged.

No TezuRyo, but some nice InuTez and InuKai and MomoKai and KaruRyo. And Yuuta. Darling Yuuta.

27. Karupin's Adventure

This is a fun episode. We get little bits and pieces on all the regulars. But nothing very deep.

We see Tezuka at home but we don't see any of his family. Le sigh. Fuji is at home with his cacti. Eiji with his toothpaste. Inui washing his face. Kaidoh out running. Kawamura helping his father with the fish. Oishi talking with them. Momo doing his hair. And Ryoma sleeping in.

We see Ryoma eating breakfast quite often throughout the series. Today, he has eggs and sausage and croissant. He's quite ticked off about it. He's so cheeky with Nanako too.

I think this is the first time we see how much Ryoma cares about Karupin.

Inui is mixing up things in the chemistry lab. His bottle has a drawing of his face on it. Which is the cutest thing imaginable. Who labels things with their own face? (It's like this story I read on ff.n where Fuji got a cat and named it after himself!)

The math teacher is terrified of Tezuka. I wonder why. Maybe it's a feedback loop where Tezuka corrected one of his mistakes and then the teacher got uptight and made another and now he makes mistakes just because Tezuka is in the room.

Momo eating his lunch in class is so funny. He seems like the kind of guy who can get away with this because of his charisma.

Kaidoh has the most amazing bento. His mother loves him very much.

Sakuno turns out to be amazing baker girl! I'm glad she gets to do something right for once. Sadly, Ryoma doesn't properly appreciate her hard work.

Momo actually gets Ryoma to say why he's worried. And Ryoma shows his emotions like we've never seen before. It's really sweet. And Momo is so supportive of him. Momo is really good with people; it bears out what Inui says of him later on, about his ability to read people.

And now the wonderful best moment of the episode: Kaidoh and Karupin. Up until now, we haven't seen this side of Kaidoh. We did see him get a little blushy when he was complimented by the woman who had her purse stolen. But this is different.

I guess it's pretty stereotypical -- the tough guy who's soft inside (like Gwendal and his knitting) -- but it's just so sweet.

I take it back. The wonderful best moment of the episode is when Kaidoh passes Inui and Horio later. Kaidoh is blushing slightly. Inui greets him, Kaidoh greets Inui and ducks his head in a little bow. Then when he's gone, Inui notes that Kaidoh is in a good mood. Horio wigs out that Inui can even tell. I melt.

In the interests of completeness, I should note that Tezuka goes to Ryoma's house to pass along a message from Ryuzaki-sensei, but he's with Oishi and Eiji and there's really nothing there worth commenting on.

Filler, but fun filler.

28. A New Regular Appears!

Ryoma's clock says "tenipuri" where the brand name would be. And his scream of terror at being late is so cute.

There's a great musical sting of doom when we first see Yuuta. He's so cranky, staring at his brother.

I think Horio is starting to believe he actually is Ryoma. And good for Sakuno, telling Ryoma off for being late.

I really, really, really wish we had seen Horio returning Kaidoh's jersey. What do you think Kaidoh did to him for getting it so dirty?

Oh, Mizuki. I have such thoughts about you and Inui. Such thoughts.

Tezuka plays, but we don't get to see it beyond a few serves. Everyone is murmuring about it. Atobe is there to watch. Tezuka is actually drawn kind of dopily here, sadly.

One thing I love about the tournaments is hearing all the regular VAs do random character voices.

Tezuka ticks off Eiji and Oishi for their careless play. (Although they won 6-1.) They don't seem upset by Tezuka's criticism, though. They don't even apologize. I find that really interesting. I would have expected them to acknowledge it more. (Hmm, maybe Tezuka really is just a dork and everybody humours him by pretending he's not.)

Inui is suspicious about what's really happening and walks off, saying it's hot. There's a great shot of Tezuka looking sidelong after him.

Ooh, the Inui-Mizuki conversation. Come on, Inui, just push Mizuki up against the fence...

There's also a great Inui-Tezuka convo where they speak to each other in bombastic tones and stare at each other longingly in a serious and manly fashion. They even get a cool fade-out into silhouettes.

29. Momo and the Viper

Just the episode title is enough to get me excited.

Ryoma doesn't remember knocking out Sengoku with the ball on the string. Sometimes I think he pretends not to know people to bug them, but he really seems clueless here. How could you forget something like that?

Momo and Kaidoh are so intent on each other that Kaidoh doesn't even seem to hear Kamio baiting him. They're in a world of their own, a world of intense stares and manly growls and unresolved sexual tension.

Tezuka has a very girly pose while he's sitting and drinking juice: one leg crossed over the other, leaning back on one hand, head tipped back daintily.

We get to hear the famous "Hyotei! Hyotei!" chant. I think that when the Boy and I were in the theatre watching Return of the King and the orc army was hitting the gates of Minas Tirith with the ram and chanting "Grond! Grond!" he leaned over to me and whispered "Hyotei! Hyotei!" in my ear.

You know, all the burning lust irritation of Momo and Kaidoh cannot begin to compare with the amount of frustration that Yuuta has balled up inside of him. It comes off of him in waves. He can only speak harshly, his brow is permanently furrowed. Any moment now, he's going to keel over with an ulcer.

I wonder why Mizuki won't let Yuuta play against Fuji. It sounds less like strategy for the match and more like some grand plan for Yuuta. Is it maybe to keep Yuuta's frustration high so he'll play with more aggression? At this point, Mizuki doesn't have a personal thing about Fuji.

Inui has darling pictures of both ichinen Kaidoh and ichinen Momo in his notebook. And everybody knows about it. "Show them that," Eiji says to him and Inui flips the book open right to the pics. (And whose pictures are on the opposite page?) Hmm. There may be IMK yet. And Kaidoh is so damn cute as a first-year.

Momo-Kaidoh is my very favourite doubles pair. They have so much sparky energy and watching them learn to work together even when they're still bickering is a joy forever. Not that they learn that lesson in this episode, but the process begins.

Doubles 2 starts. I wonder why they didn't do these matches like they did in the manga, with D2 and D1 playing at the same time. It certainly increased the tension that way.

I'm not surprised that Momo and Kaidoh play reasonably well together, even while they're fighting. They're both strong players and even though they're hot-headed with each other, winning the game is more important.

Inui is gazing at Mizuki again. Probably thinking about what it would be like to...

Or maybe that's just me.
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