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You can call me Hal.

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you and me
Two songs, one girls choir, one boys choir. (Should those be possessives? Girl's choir? Boys' choir? I have never been able to work that one out.)

For octopedingenue, Scala's cover of Walking After You (YSI). Listen to it and feel the MSR.

And because I really like it, Libera's version of Gaudete (YSI).

Gaudete is actually a Christmas song. It's a bit odd for me to be pushing Xmas stuff on you, since it's not a holiday I celebrate and in fact is a holiday I particularly dislike. But this is a lovely traditional carol in Latin and it doesn't enrage me like a mall PA-system classic carol might.

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I always use "Girls' Choir" and "Boys' Choir", but I'm by no means the authority.

I'm starting to think it shouldn't be possessive. What if it were a choir of fish? I think it would be Fish Choir, not Fish's Choir.

Weren't there singing fish in a Dr Seuss book? Hmm.

Well, I never know with these things. Is it Boys Club or Boys' Club? Ladies Room or Ladies' Room?

Probably in many Dr Seuss books. There were a lot of fish.

*pounces on Scala song* ...damn, but I love that song. Particularly because it so perfectly captures my favorite moment in the movie.

I've never been wild about the song, but then I was a NoRomo. *g*

I just have a thing the size of Texas for partnership. (And I didn't want them to get together onscreen, anyway... it's not the near-kiss that I like -- that was a little random -- it's the part about what happens if one of them gets tranferred and all that.)

It's interesting -- my friend D. and I recently started re-watching the series from the beginning and when I started thinking about the Mulder-Scully relationship as a buddy cop relationship, I was suddenly much less put off by potential romance between them. *g* They do have a great partnership; kind of like Starsky and Hutch for the 90s.

(Deleted comment)
There isn't a specific LJ way to do it. Here, I've used http://yousendit.com to upload the songs. They're available for a certain time and number of downloads and then they expire. Otherwise, you can put the file up in your own webspace, but that might suck a lot of your bandwidth.

I have no X-Files icon, so the gay Mulder/Scully will have to do

*incoherent flailing and squee!*

I ADORE Scala and I didn't know they'd done a cover of "Walking After You"!! Oh, Fight the Future, how fond I am of you and your stupid stupid bees with bad timing. *holds up lighter icepick*

Re: I have no X-Files icon, so the gay Mulder/Scully will have to do

Scala has done so many awesome covers. I don't know what I'd do without them!

Re: I have no X-Files icon, so the gay Mulder/Scully will have to do

I have no X-Files icon, so the gay Mulder/Scully will have to do

BWAhahahah yes exactly.

I have always liked Gaudete. This one isn't a version I'd heard before - it sounds very ethereal. The version I know doesn't have that intro bit.

I think I'd only heard a couple of versions prior to this, all rather different. It's a lovely song.

Did you see Libera has a new album coming out? *bounces* So soon after their last one, too! I am very excited about this, even though amazon's listing it as a $40 import. o.O

Hopefully it will be up on iTunes like the Libera I have now was. Scala I had to import, though.

Ah, Libera. My favourite underage choral boyband. XD XD XD

All of their albums are lovely, though I'm of the opinion that their self-titled debut is best in terms of composition and performance. If you don't already have it, I can upload a few tracks. *always happy to pimp*

The album I got from iTunes is called "Complete Libera". It looks like it's got all the tracks from Luminosa plus a bunch of others, so maybe it includes the debut album as well. (Luminosa is the earliest album offered.)

They've released three albums so far: Libera, Luminosa, and Free (in that order). Here's the track list for Libera. It's worth getting for Salva Me and Agnus Dei alone, IMNSHO. ^_^

Ah, looks like I've got all those too. So I'm all set! And yes, I like those tracks very much.

Hope I'm not being rude for just jumping in.

Thanks very much for sharing this version of Gaudete. I've always enjoyed this song, but I only knew of one version (the one by Steeleye Span). I tend to associate traditional Latin songs with male voices for some reason, so I'm glad to hear it sung by Libera.

As for the girls/boys choir question, my interpretation is that it's a descriptive case, not a possessive one. The choir is made up of girls; the choir doesn't belong to the girls. I don't know it that makes sense. I think it's "Vienna Boys Choir", but I could be wrong.

On the other hand, "Mens/Womens" Choir doesn't look right (although I have seen it). Maybe it's because "Man" and "woman" have irregular plurals? I give up.

By the way, I would feel guilty if I didn't mention how much I'm enjoying your analysis of the PoT eps. I'm just too bashful to comment.

It's always fine to join the conversation! Please feel free anytime. :)

This is the only version of Guaudete that I have, but I see a bunch of others on iTunes, so maybe I should make a collection (like my Ring of Fire covers collection). It's such a great song. I'm glad I could share it.

The descriptive vs possessive thing is a tricky one! Because wouldn't it be "Men Choir" in that case? "Choir of Men" would work, but sound dorky. Hmm, one of the great problems of our time. *g*

I'm glad you're enjoying the PoT ep posts! Do comment if you would like to, but don't feel like you have to either.

Thanks for your kind words.

And another song in common! How many versions of Ring of Fire are there? Other than the original, I've only heard Social D's take on it. Just for the sake of variety, I'm kind of curious to know if there's a decent version where the singer's voice isn't quite as rough around the edges and whether it's been covered by a woman. I don't have too much trouble imagining Melissa Etheridge doing it.

Scala! Thanks for the song!

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