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You can call me Hal.

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Seven things that make me happy
1. A large milk chai in a crowded coffeehouse

2. Watching MST3K with the Boy

3. A new episode of Yakitate!! Japan

4. My best friend: my brain

5. Granola and yoghurt

6. Johnny Cash

7. When tenimyu boys show up in my toku. Latest sighting: Konishi Hiroki, who played Ibu Shinji, is the star of Garo, a new show about an armoured knight who fights evil. When he's not armoured, he's got a kick-ass long white coat. This is a darker show than most toku and is aimed at a young adult audience. (TV-Nihon is subbing.)

He's only the third one I've seen so far. Aoyama Sota (the first Inui) is, of course, the star of Ultraman Max and Gomoto Naoya (the first Kaidoh) turned up on an episode of Dekaranger. He played Hoji's boyfriend best friend from high school and there was much embracing between them and much jealousy from Ban.

But I haven't actually watched through all of tenimyu, so there could very well be others that I don't know about yet. I usually save my viewings of it for when I need to cheer up because I've had a bad day or I don't feel well or I've just watched 11 episodes of Loveless in a row.

I'm about halfway through the St Rudolph show, but every time I go back to it, I have to start from the beginning so I can see the ichinen trio again (they are always my favourite) and then the Momo-Kaidoh "We Hate Each Other" song and dance number that every tenimyu MK icon is capped from.

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Latest sighting: Konishi Hiroki, who played Ibu Shinji, is the star of Garo, a new show about an armoured knight who fights evil. When he's not armoured, he's got a kick-ass long white coat.

Dying of squee. I LOVE KONISHI HIROKI. YAY. Ahahaha, thank you for the heads up.

Hee! Cool. I downloaded the first episode and was watching and then started to do the "OMG, I *know* that guy, who is he?" thing.

Garo looks like it will be pretty good, at least so far as I can tell from one ep. Koga (or maybe Kouga -- not sure which yet), Konishi's character, has a bit of a Batman vibe.

I have never really posted here about the extent to which I am watching toku because I think it would make people scream and run away. But I'm watching a *lot*.

(Deleted comment)
I've just watched 11 episodes of Loveless in a row.
LOVELESS BREAKS ME. How did you like it? I just want to put Ritsuka and the male Zero in my pockets and make off into the night!

And Kio. In all his pierced, pining, i'll wait for you but meanwhile fool around with these strange kids you brought home glory.

The ichinen also own me hard. The one where Katsuo is like shaking the life out of Horio and Kachirou looks so team-mommy gives me the squeals just thinking about it.

Loveless... Loveless affected me pretty strongly. I watched the first ep, then waited until all the rest were subbed and then, as noted, watched them all in one night, almost shaking while doing so, it freaked me out so much.

In part, it's the shota that freaks me. And since I don't really want to be comfortable with shota, that's probably good. But even without that, everyone was just so very, very fucked up. The only time I was able to relax while watching was when it focused on the two girls. Somehow, that felt much more normal to me.

When I was done, instead of burning the eps, I deleted them. I don't want to watch it again. I think I'd like to read the manga, though. That might illuminate some things, as well as be less intense.

I did like Kio. If he had had more screen time, he might have been my boyfriend. And I fondly remembered his seiyuu from Dear Boys. Random Useless Seiyuu Trivia, Proving Hal Is A Sad Anime Geek: two of the main seiyuu from Dear Boys (called Hoop Days in NA) also played characters named Kaidoh -- Takeuchi Ken voiced Kaidoh Kio in Loveless and Kiyasu Kohei voiced Kaidoh Kaoru in Prince of Tennis.

you've summed up Loveless pretty well there; everybody is completely fucked up, and the shota is...plentiful. and canon. which is really, so much not an excuse, but in the same way that the mpreg leanings of KKM end up with me writing it, even though i don't like it normally, i have totally written shota for this fandom. It makes me feel dirty in a way that I don't like at all, but writing Soubi and Ritsuka in all their broken glory is not something I'm sure I can give up for that.

The manga is awesome, easily as good and probably better than the anime, and more enlightening, but you're out of luck if you're hoping for it to be less intense. Ritsuka's home abuse, and his incredibly questionable relationship with his brother get a lot more explicit attention.

I watched them all in a huge run too almost, because I couldn't stop, and now i pounce on the new scanlated chapters more rushedly than i ever did at the height of my Death Note obssession, cause I'm dying to know what happens. but oh god, is this a broken and fucked up fandom. Nothing good can ever come out of this combination of damages in the end.

Where can I lay my hands on the manga? Even if it's just as intense, I'd still like to give it a try.

But I don't think I'll ever be able to create or take in fanworks for this canon. I don't want to be more freaked out and I don't want to be less freaked out, if that makes any sense.

I've been getting the recent ones (vols 4 & 5) from raburesu, you have to be a member to see the scanlation posts. I think may have gotten the first few volumes directly from darkeyedwolf or something; if you can't track them down anyplace, I could YSI them for you. I'm 90% sure they're still on my external HD.

Yeah, fanworks for this fandom, what little there is, can go either super sweet or super damaged. I wrote one thing that was all about the favors Soubi was doing at Ritsuka's demand, which is hilarious and sweet, and then turned around and wrote Soubi/Seimei/Ritsuka that makes me ashamed that I even had the idea (don't get me wrong, it's hot as FUCK, but so freaking messed up).

The hell of it is, both times I wrote Seimei/Ritsuka, people ended up telling me how sweet it was o.O . I think that means I am too good at it, which sort of gives me the chills. I make up for it by writing the male Zero, who are hilarious and bizarre, and totally run rings around Kio.

Ooh! *shall check out Garo* Because Naoya only turn up in one episode... I only have that episode. *is so lame* ^^;; I think it's really exciting when we can recognize actors. ^_^ Shiozawa [Mizuki] and Ichitaro [first Eiji] were both in the first Water Boys and Eiki [Taka-san in More Than Limit] also in Water Boys for an episode and in the first Gokusen. It's totally, "*POINTPOINT* OMGIKNOWHIM!!"

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