Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Seven things that make me happy

1. A large milk chai in a crowded coffeehouse

2. Watching MST3K with the Boy

3. A new episode of Yakitate!! Japan

4. My best friend: my brain

5. Granola and yoghurt

6. Johnny Cash

7. When tenimyu boys show up in my toku. Latest sighting: Konishi Hiroki, who played Ibu Shinji, is the star of Garo, a new show about an armoured knight who fights evil. When he's not armoured, he's got a kick-ass long white coat. This is a darker show than most toku and is aimed at a young adult audience. (TV-Nihon is subbing.)

He's only the third one I've seen so far. Aoyama Sota (the first Inui) is, of course, the star of Ultraman Max and Gomoto Naoya (the first Kaidoh) turned up on an episode of Dekaranger. He played Hoji's boyfriend best friend from high school and there was much embracing between them and much jealousy from Ban.

But I haven't actually watched through all of tenimyu, so there could very well be others that I don't know about yet. I usually save my viewings of it for when I need to cheer up because I've had a bad day or I don't feel well or I've just watched 11 episodes of Loveless in a row.

I'm about halfway through the St Rudolph show, but every time I go back to it, I have to start from the beginning so I can see the ichinen trio again (they are always my favourite) and then the Momo-Kaidoh "We Hate Each Other" song and dance number that every tenimyu MK icon is capped from.
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