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You can call me Hal.

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Bored now.
I don't usually make posts like this, but I'm driven to extremes. I'm at work and I have nothing to do. It has been days since I had a significant amount of work to do. I'm beaten down by the tedium. My brain is dying. My god, I'm even starting to read the comments on Slashdot.

Please help. Tell me something interesting. Tell me something boring. Ask me a question. Give me an opinion. Tell me your plan to survive avian flu. Complain about me. Sympathise with me. Flame me! Anything to let me know I'm still alive. (Until the avian flu gets me, of course.)

*chews on your head*
...I wish I had more to offer, but I suffer the same fate myself -- near-lethal boredom at work.

I could make ridiculous drabble requests, if that would help.

Start a ridiculous drabble and we can write it round-robin in the comments!

How about embarassing confessions? I've secretly fangirled you since I lied about my age to join the Spenderfic Egroup.

Aw! That means something, coming from a Spender fan. :) That was such a cool group. I loved writing all those challenge bits and piece for it. There's just something about Spender that makes me so sad. *sigh*

Well, this amused me mightily just now. : )

Oh dear god. I weep for humanity.

You could knit one of these ski masks. Or follow the example of this contemporary reinterpretation.

Wait - you don't knit, right? Then consider these examples of why not-knitting is sometimes a good thing

I plan to survivie the avian flu by not eating any birds. I'm sure that will take care of the problem. *g*

And how do *you* plan to survive the avian flu?

well, isn't this something you'd like: commentorgy ?

Join, or post anonymously, pimp... have fun!

Hee! That looks a bit more personal than I was hoping to get.

Wilma is one scary, drunk ass hurricane.

Have you ever been in a hurricane/evacuated from one?

The pictures of it from the ISS are amazing. I've never been in a hurricane or been near one, thankfully.

(Deleted comment)
Linky! Thank you. :)

Does your distracting ever get round in a circle until you're doing the thing you're meant to be doing?

(Deleted comment)
Here's something not-interesting. I have 8 windows open right now. They are as follows:
Outlook, notepad, Visual Interdev, notepad, SQL Query Analyzer, Toadviewer, TNVTPlus, and Firefox.

I do appreciate you sharing! It's a like a window on your life. Or rather, 8 windows.

I can send you some of my work

Would you like that? I have to write 10 resumes for people who have specific environmental experience on transportation projects. Yes?

Re: I can send you some of my work

Can the 10 people be anime characters? That might be fun.

This article on fractal food seems to be braingasmic enough for you.

I know you're still organizing/cleaning out your apartment, so you might want to give this a try. I think it's fab.

kassrachel wrote a Firefly story, so that's cool.

Or you could help me find high-quality images of Saul Bass' work online for my homework this week. (:

I saw the fractal food on Boing-Boing the other day. It's way cool. And thanks for the Freecyle link -- I'll definitely check that out. I still have to get rid of a couch, dresser, and TV.

I'll pass on helping you with your homework this time. Wouldn't it be cheating if you didn't do your own Googling? *g*

A few things to occupy you:

Send yourself (or someone else) an email in the future.

Listen to RenFaire music podcasts.

Learn how to make Roasted Asparagus with Balsamic Brown Butter Sauce.

How fast can you spank the monkey? (work safe)

Look through pictures of dogs tied to things in San Francisco.

Find out which science fiction-created things are now real.

Howzat to fill a few minutes?

Ooh, cool, thank you! I'll check them out. Future email sounds scary though. What if I sent an email to someone and then by the time it went out, I was dead?

I am so in love with One Piece, it's oozing out of my ears because my brain can't handle all the fangirl glee. Have you ever watched/read it? ♥ ♥ ♥

I did give the manga a go, but the character designs kind of put me off. Is it really that good? Should I give the anime a try?

(Deleted comment)
Hee! I can't watch your icon dance, though, because at work I have all icons blocked, since some people have icons that are less than work-safe.

I'm glad it doesn't get really hot and humid here. Or even all that cold in the winter. I want to see your All-Girl Fudomine! Is there a Boy!An to go with them?

I hope you're in bed now.

(Deleted comment)
I'm going to write a story wherein the Star Character is a young lady with three daddies (biological): NIck Stokes, Tony DiNozzo, and Radek Zelenka.

This will make her a wererabbit/wolf/centaur.


I'm not surprised at all. :)

But here's what I'm curious about. Is a wererabbit/wolf/centaur a person who turns into a rabbit-wolf-centaur combi when the moon is full? Or do they change into just one of those things? And how is it determined which one? Or are they on different cycles for each change?