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Angel: Orpheus

The surprise opening? So not a surprise. Could they have been any more obvious last week?

The flashbacks? Meh. Kind of funny. Puppy! But I liked the Angel - Angelus fight. I wish they'd played that up more.

Wesley? Always tortured and beautiful. Always crossing the lines that no one else will cross. Never being sorry. And I really enjoyed his conversation with Willow. Wesley needing to open up and almost making it.

Willow herself I was less thrilled with. She didn't seem to add anything but Very Special Guest Star points. And Fred -- what the hell? C'mon, we're the ones who are supposed to make everyone gay. Don't steal our thunder!

Cordy and Connor now remind me of that storyline from Twin Peaks -- the one where James roars off on his motorcycle and meets the rich blonde women and fixes her car and gets it on with her. Not because the storylines are similar, but because they both make me want to gnaw my arm off.

Hal: Cordy looks terrible this week.

The Boy: Yeah, she does. I thought Pregnant!Cordy was pretty hot before, but not this week.

Hal: You thought Pregnant!Cordy was hot? I always thought NotPregnant!Cordy was hot, but not Pregnant!Cordy.

The Boy: I only found her attractive after she was pregnant.

There is a moment of silence as we each decide the other is a freak.

But I'm still holding to my Evil!Baby not Evil!Cordy theory. Sex makes evil babies, kids. I swear!

I've spent all day trying to work out how the ep relates to Orpheus. I guess Angel goes to hell to find his long lost love, Angelus. Or something. But Orpheus was ultimately unsuccessful. And then got torn apart by Maenads for being too depressed. Maybe I missed something.

Oh, and Lorne was very sweet. He made me smile.

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