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You can call me Hal.

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Hypothetical question
Supposing I had a fanfic story that was sucking out my soul and I would do anything to make it work. Suppose that after months of grief, I finally figured out what I needed to do.

Suppose that what I need to do is have one of the characters involved in a MMORPG and that the last time I was personally involved in a multi-player online game was on text-only MUDs back in the mid-90s.

(Specifically, I'm thinking about WoW, here, if that makes a difference.)

Should I:

try to think of something else for the story
do research on the game, get some "game betas", and fake it
buy the game and play it for research
buy the game, play it for research, get completely addicted, and forget all about fandom
seek help because clearly I have a problem of one sort or another

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If you do decide to try it, let me know, we should get together in-game. :)

whoops, i picked the most likely answer. ;)

Yeah, I know! Fortunately, my game addiction cycle is short.

Don't buy it! I have been avoiding the MMORPGs for years because I know I will never get my soul back. Fandom and BPAL are enough. I just buy the console-based RPGs that only take like 15 hours so I get a taste, but not the addiction. This is also why I have an Xbox but not Xbox Live.

We need your porn! Don't leave us for Everquest!

You know, I just don't get the BPAL thing. Maybe WoW can be my BPAL. *g*

I do Sim, but I'm over that for the moment.

You should make it Diablo II instead of WoW, buy it on the cheap, and play with me. XD

(MUDs! Actually, I never spent much time on ordinary MUDs, since I discovered Pern MUSHes early on and spent the latter half of the 90s playing on those as my main creative outlet.)

Can you play Diablo II on the Mac? That's part of the allure of WoW.

I sometimes wonder how my online experience would be different if it hadn't started out with all that intense MUDding. I think it's given me a very spatial perception of the internet.

From what I've heard, WoW is a great experience. Play it! But you'd best also write your fic, or your readership will be sorrowful.

I do hope, if I try it, that I don't get addicted. I don't have time for that right now. But it might be fun.

I can write my fic while I'm on the bus or something...

I say stick to research, because honestly? I have faith in you being able to resist playing World of Warcraft 24/7, but I've seen and heard of people addicted to the point where it's not really funny any more.

Of course, I could be biased, since progress on some of the projects our anime club is trying to do has stopped due to Certain People constantly playing WoW. :P

Ahhhh, your Bob/Dave icon still makes me grin every time I see it.

Ahahah, I love your icon. I need people to play that game with.

How about option 6: ask whatever questions you have of your readers who play the game in question? I've been playing WoW for about six months (and played EQ before that for about 5 years.)

Feel free to ask me whatever, either here or in email.

And anyone else who plays - I'm Ellsie the Tauren shaman on the Silvermoon server. Feel free to say hi. :-)

Yeah, that's basically what I meant by getting game betas. Originally, I had been thinking of using this as an offhand thing, which would be easy to do just with research. But now I'm thinking I might need to have stuff actually taking place within the game, which would be much harder to fake.

Thanks for the offer! I just might harass you with questions. :)

Find a friend who will let you swing by with some beer and play one of her alts for a couple of hours?

Dude, that is an excellent suggestion. :D

...because then at least I won't be the only one. o.O

Also, you already know this but do feel free to pick my brain. Also...when I purchased the game it came with a free 'invite a friend' one month account. It's yours if you want to just try it. I can have it in the mail tomorrow.

Let me know. =D

I voted do research. The internet is your friend. Have you checked LJ to see if there is a community for the game?

The internet is indeed my friend! I'll do research regardless, but I think I might need more info than I can get just from screenshots, etc.

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