Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

On writing

I hate writing. Which sounds crazy, since I do so much of it. But it's tedious and it's hard. Right now, I'm thinking about all the LJ posts I want to make -- actual essays with actual smart content. But the effort of getting them out of my head and through my fingers and onto the page often seems like more than I have the energy to deal with.

Writing is an interface between my brain and yours. But it's an interface that's half-developed on the fly and the data is filtered at both ends, without a firm set of specs to make sure we both have the same filter. I suppose, in part, that's good. If we could perfectly communicate with each other, I bet we would generate less ideas.

And the interface becomes an object in and of itself. Though that's something I try to minimize in my writing. I'd rather you just notice what I say, rather than the words I say it in. It's difficult.

Now I'm stuck on what to write next, to make this post feel finished. But I'll be late for work if I take any longer, so this will have to do.
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