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You can call me Hal.

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Best out of context quote: “Buchou… you came,” Ryoma finally managed, swallowing hard.

Quote that made me laugh like a loon: Tachibana An: Wow, I never knew you were all gay.

Oh, and AO released PoT 154-155.

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The PoT section of FFN terrifies me. I finally gave up hope of finding anything good when I hit the sixth FujiSaku fic -- on page three. *whimper*

...shouldn't that be Tomo/Fuji? Oh, ff.net, how do you choose your crack pairings.

Oh, no. Totally FujiSaku, usually when she gives up on Ryoma and moves on to his senpai, though there is the occasional triangle and this one utterly brain-breaking fic where Sakuno's mother marries someone who hangs Sakuno from the ceiling and beats her.

I really, really liked that one. :))

I meant to make a list of all the freaked-out Sakuno pairings you can find on ff.net. Sometimes she ends up at other schools. Kirihara/Sakuno is a favourite to think about. *g*

Kirihara/Sakuno: because sometimes, Ryoma just isn't mean enough for her. She doesn't seem to get around quite as much as An, though. On the one hand, it makes sense: An hangs out with a lot of boys one-on-one and Knows About Tennis. On the other, it totally doesn't: the only boy she actually seems to see and notice as a boy is her brother. Maybe Fuji, but only in a "I'll give you and Kippei some time alone"/"I am totally not leaving you two alone together" sense.

Is there any Sakuno/Nanjiroh? :D

Is there any Sakuno/Nanjiroh?

I'm going to pretend you didn't say that.

I once saw an author who paired Sakuno with everyone: Ryoma, Niou, Oshitari. SELF-INSERTION MUCH? ;_____;

See, if I were going to write self-insertion fic so I could be the girlfriend of all the pretty tennis boys, I would at least use Hanamura-sensei An!

Ah, poor Sakuno. She needs to get together with someone nice, like Kachiro, and have harmless, boring dates.

Oh, I adore it. But I've always enjoyed badfic, the more cracked-out the better.

Oh dear; I think I've read the story the first quote came from.

In other news -- Sulu! Gay! Not only is he asian, but he's from the original fanfic'd show! I bet all the Trek ficcers are off joyously updating the cannon...

Oh dear; I think I've read the story the first quote came from.

Yes, that's the one with the big secret that made me positive from the beginning that Fuji and Tezuka were vampires. I was cruelly crushed when it turned out to be something else.


I now remember why I usually stick to FF.net with fics.

Thanks for the heads up on the episodes!

*LJ, not FF.net

I've been making countless typos for the past hour. *headdesk*

I visit ff.n every day! I love it so.

Hahaha, that first quote. The second, though, makes no sense. I hope An was being sarcastic. :D

The scary thing is that she wasn't. She seemed rather shocked. I guess she doesn't watch the show. *g*

Sometimes it's the story summaries that are the most classic. XD I could list them for hours...

Ffnet is love. Scary perverted love, but love. =)

It is! I couldn't live without it.

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