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You can call me Hal.

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On the subject of me
I'm feeling odd today. Off-balance. Not dizzy, but like I'm always falling over. Actually, it feels a lot like this when I'm drunk, only I've had coffee this morning, not Scotch. I keep thinking, I need a reboot.

I wonder how you reboot a person. I suppose a night's sleep might do it, but that's all I can think of. It would be so much handier to be an android and just restart. I could even have a cool start-up chime. And be able to crush cars with my bare hands.

it would be nice to crush things, some days.

In possibly related news, I recently found out that I'm anaemic. Which completely explains why I had been so tired, beat-up, and short of breath for the last few months. I'm on iron supplements, but I've only been taking them for about a week, so I haven't noticed an amazing difference yet.

I bet androids don't get anaemic.

This post seems fairly content-less. I'm trying to be more personal from time to time, since I think I come across as aloof and inaccessible (and possibly scary) and I'd really rather not be. But I feel boring when I do this. Maybe I'm just not emo enough! And it's hard for me to share things about myself.

Actually, though, I think that's one reason I seem to post bits of fic when I have a migraine. I feel lousy and I want some love to make me feel better, but I can't just say, Hey, I'm sick, I need some love! So if I post fic, even really weird fic, I'll get a few comments and feel loved and feel better. (The other reason is that the drugs make me think strange, strange things and the Migraine Pixies make me write them down and post them.)

I bet androids don't get migraines and have trouble opening up to others. But I bet they can't drink Scotch either.

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Also, still need your address. :D

Being anemic sucks. I've been okay for about a year now, but for the five or six years before that I was crazy dangerously low anemic and it made my life hell, esp. in school.


Thanks, honey. :)

I'm sanguine that the anaemia will be controllable. I can't imagine feeling like this for years! I hope things stay fine for you.

And address sent.

*offers up lurker love*

Aw, thanks. :) *saves the love in a special jar, but not in a creepy way*

Every now and again I desire to live in the future so that my body can be replaceable. I want vats of harvestable organs at every hospital, including new heads, just in case I want different features for a few months. (Actually, that reminds me a lot of the Wizard of Oz -- Ozma of Oz? -- one of the witches had a removeable head. Very grisly for a kid's book.)

Your journaling/writerly voice reminds me of rubylou. She characterized it once as "good grammar, good spelling, and writing how I'd talk." This means it's more lucid writing than the general mass of us, and simply spawns jealousy. (Just kidding, of course.) Yeah. LJ functions as the conversation in my head too. And the best way to engender discussion is to simply post the word "penis." Sigh.

Migraines: augh. Poor, poor, girl. I've been a life-long victim too. Thank god, they ceased after I stopped coffee during my pregnancy.

The thing I always wish for is the AutoDoc in Larry Niven's Known Space stories. Just get in and it checks you and and fixes you up.

That was the Princess Langwidere in "Ozma of Oz". (http://www.home.aone.net.au/sk/oz/ozmoz10.txt) I could never work out how she could take them off and on by herself.

I'm glad your migraines have stopped! Mine didn't go away when I went off caffeine, but I do find a shot of caffeine helps to control them.

I've always been terribly cowed by your talent (drabbles! you! best on earth! forever!) but I've never, ever found you aloof or unapproachable. The word I would have for you is visceral. But I've never found that to be a negative trait or something that would make you seem scary.

I need to go on iron supplements and have been meaning to for some time. During the last 4 years I've tried to give blood 3 times and every time, most recently a month ago, my iron count has been too low. The last time was the straw. I'm looking at this as a chance to seriously look at my lifestyle and eating habits and make a change for the better. Besides. Food is kind of fun when you start really thinking about it.

I was reading back over one of your posts from July or so last night. You were talking about Tezuka and encouraging me to hurry up and finish the series so you could talk about it with me. And I had a very, ♥ oh Hal ♥ moment. So. Don't ever feel like you aren't loved. I've always loved having you on my friends list, and I can't anticipate that changing. You know, like ever.

The word I would have for you is visceral. But I've never found that to be a negative trait or something that would make you seem scary.

That's good to know, thank you. :) (Though it might be sekritly cool to be scary. *g*)

Yeah, make sure you're getting enough iron. Not enough == lowered red blood cell production == not enough oxygen in your system. It makes me thick and stupid and I really hope things get back to normal soon.

Don't ever feel like you aren't loved. I've always loved having you on my friends list, and I can't anticipate that changing. You know, like ever.

Aw! *sniffles* I'm not feeling, "Wah! Nobody loves me!" so please don't worry about that. I'm just wanting to engage more and trying to kind of put myself out there more. Which is hard.

How to reboot?

Well, turn off (squick), then turn on (pr0n).


Ick for the iron supplements. I spent a while being borderline anemic and iron supplements made me all stomach-ouchy. You might want to see about getting some iron-rich real food going, just to try and get there without the supplements--obviously, that's just my opinion and experience.

*laugh* That might have to wait until I get home.

The iron supplements haven't bothered me, thankfully. I take two doses a day right now and if I make sure I'm getting lots of fibre otherwise, I'm fine.

*loves on to make you feel better even without the fic posting*

They probably can't drink scotch, no. And in most theories about robots, they wouldn't have the creative capacity to write stories, either. You'd be missing out on all kinds of things.

Though being able to reboot and crush cars with your bare hands makes up for a lot...

*loves back* Thank you, sweetie. :)

My robot hero is Bender, so maybe I'm not thinking about the real world. *g*

I had to go look up "emo" after reading this post, so it was good for something. ::points to icon::

I reboot by sleeping, but taking a bath is also good. Meditation and/or yoga can act as a restart, but they do take some time. If I need to reboot in a hurry, I'll close my eyes and take three deep mindful breaths. Seems to help.

If you ever posted saying "I'm sick, I need some love," I would give you the love. But I would worry that you were a pod person who had eaten Hal's brain while she was asleep.

That sounds good for emotional rebooting. I think sleep is probably all that's going to do for this balance problem. I think it must be fatigue related. I'm feeling pretty stupid and keep missing the things I mean to click on with my mouse.

If you ever posted saying "I'm sick, I need some love," I would give you the love. But I would worry that you were a pod person who had eaten Hal's brain while she was asleep.

Maybe it will make you feel better to know that while I was composing this post, I kept thinking, I should really upload some music, to add some value. I had to make myself not do that. :)

Good to know. (:

Go home! Go to sleep!

I wouldn't like to be an android, but I'd like to have one myself. Instead, I'd like to get rid of useless organs. Pity you can't get rid of the brains, so the migraines have to stay. But the parts of my body that leave me crawling on the ground in pain for a few days every month, ah! if only I didn't have them inside. Naturally, I mean. Surgery has consecuences :D

Even with the migraines, I want to keep my brain! It's my favourite thing! But I'm with you on the other parts.

Be sure you are getting enough vitamin C. You need it to use the iron. Loading up on the mineral isn't much help otherwise, just gets you constipated. Also be sure to get enough folate--deficiency of that has many of the same symptoms as anemia.

Yes, I'm taking vit C along with one dose of the iron, and for the other, I'm taking a multivitamin that has iron. I'm also trying to eat more fruit and drink orange juice, etc.

I would never in a million years classify your posts as aloof (or even sloof, as I originally typed it). I think of you as a warm, wonderful person who needs access to acres of personal space -- something I feel myself, often enough. I am sorry you're sick. Sick is awful. *hugs*

It might be fun to be sloof. It reminds me of the sound you make when you're wearing ski pants. *hugs* I'm feeling much better today -- no tipping over!

(Deleted comment)

Re: oh, they can drink scotch

Spinach quiche sounds like a marvellous idea! *smooches*

Do you save up drabbles you've written when you don't have a migraine to post when you do for the love? I've been known to do that, because I may want love during a migraine, but I can't write when my head's splodey.

I don't think I'd be capable of writting drabbles for a rainy day like that. There usually a point during the migraine where I start to have the bizarre thoughts and then can write them down.

I can't be near a computer for long when I have a migraine, the buzzing and the light makes everything worse. I only manage to save up drabbles like that when I've written a whole bunch of them in a row, so I can post some and have my instant gratification, then dole out the rest at a later date. Doesn't happen very often.

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