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On the subject of me

I'm feeling odd today. Off-balance. Not dizzy, but like I'm always falling over. Actually, it feels a lot like this when I'm drunk, only I've had coffee this morning, not Scotch. I keep thinking, I need a reboot.

I wonder how you reboot a person. I suppose a night's sleep might do it, but that's all I can think of. It would be so much handier to be an android and just restart. I could even have a cool start-up chime. And be able to crush cars with my bare hands.

it would be nice to crush things, some days.

In possibly related news, I recently found out that I'm anaemic. Which completely explains why I had been so tired, beat-up, and short of breath for the last few months. I'm on iron supplements, but I've only been taking them for about a week, so I haven't noticed an amazing difference yet.

I bet androids don't get anaemic.

This post seems fairly content-less. I'm trying to be more personal from time to time, since I think I come across as aloof and inaccessible (and possibly scary) and I'd really rather not be. But I feel boring when I do this. Maybe I'm just not emo enough! And it's hard for me to share things about myself.

Actually, though, I think that's one reason I seem to post bits of fic when I have a migraine. I feel lousy and I want some love to make me feel better, but I can't just say, Hey, I'm sick, I need some love! So if I post fic, even really weird fic, I'll get a few comments and feel loved and feel better. (The other reason is that the drugs make me think strange, strange things and the Migraine Pixies make me write them down and post them.)

I bet androids don't get migraines and have trouble opening up to others. But I bet they can't drink Scotch either.
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