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Hints from Hal

Want to be more productive on the weekends? Well, here's how:

When making your to-do list, put down the titles of all the TV, anime, and toku episodes you have queued to watch. That way, when you watch them, you're crossing items off your list, not being distracted from your tasks.

I've accomplished so much already!

Also: Tezuka vs Atobe? Still the best match ever. And having Dream Believer come up randomly on iTunes while I'm writing up tenipuri manga analysis is almost too much to bear. Why did my show have to end? I didn't want it to end. "It's going to be okay." No, it's not. It's not okay. Come back to me! Wah!

Naruto question: I've been watching the Anime One subs but they are now around 10 eps behind the raws. Which group are you following? I'd really like to catch up but I'm not sure who to start picking up.
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