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You can call me Hal.

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PoT Fic: Thriller Night (InuKai)
inukai skeleton
Halloween InuKai! Well, sort of Halloween-ish, maybe. But there's boykissing, anyhow.

She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene.
I said, "Don't mind, but what do you mean I am the one
Who will dance on the floor in the round?"

Oh, wait...

Thriller Night by Halrloprillalar
Prince of Tennis, InuKai, PG13, 1500 words.
Inui has a plan. A plan involving...movies.

Inui consulted his list. Ensure Kaidoh's schedule was clear -- check. Ensure Inui's parents were away for the weekend -- check. Obtain permission from Kaidoh's mother -- check. Rent movies -- check. Ask Kaidoh --

Kaidoh was beside his cubby, putting his racquet away in his bag. Inui watched him for a few moments. It was hard, finding time alone with Kaidoh, or, rather, finding time alone when Kaidoh would relax enough to let Inui kiss him. Kaidoh was usually tense, nervous, "not now, senpai".

So this time, Inui's plan revolved around Kaidoh being anything but relaxed. "Kaidoh," Inui said. "Would you come over tonight? My parents are out of town and I don't want to spend the evening alone."

Kaidoh frowned. "Senpai, what about--"

"My parents said I could have someone over."


"I checked with your mother and she said it would be fine."


"Not busy, I know. Your homework is very light this weekend."

"But what--"

"We'll watch some movies." Very special movies. Carefully selected movies.

Scary movies.

Nothing too blatant, though. If Inui put on some sort of slasher flick, Kaidoh would just refuse to watch it. But if the film started normally and then got gradually creepier and creepier, Kaidoh would get -- by Inui's calculations -- clingier and clingier, until he was practically sitting in Inui's lap.

By Inui's calculations, he was going to have a very good evening.

Kaidoh frowned a bit longer. Then his face cleared. "All right, senpai," he said. "What time should I come over?"

Inui wanted to reach out and touch Kaidoh's shoulder, but he thought he had better not press his luck, not when the plan was working so flawlessly. "Around seven." He smiled at Kaidoh. Kaidoh smiled back, just a little, and Inui thought he just might not need more than one movie.

Then an arm draped over Kaidoh's shoulder and a face appeared by Kaidoh's cheek. "Movies at Inui's tonight!" Kikumaru yelled. "Everyone come over!"

"Party!" Momoshiro said and started talking with Kawamura about which movies to watch. Kikumaru let go Kaidoh and grabbed Echizen before he could leave the club room. "What snacks should we bring, ochibi?"

Kaidoh started frowning again. He picked up his bag and left before Inui could do or say anything. Now Kikumaru and Momoshiro were arguing over whether they should bring Momoshiro's father's karaoke machine along.

By Inui's calculations, he was screwed.

Everyone showed up at seven, Kikumaru laden with snacks, Momoshiro with movies, Oishi with apologies and worry that they were making too much noise. Kawamura brought a platter of sushi he had made himself. Echizen settled in a corner and leafed through a tennis magazine. Fuji smiled at Inui and thanked him for the party. And Kaidoh sat alone in the back of the room, frowning again.

The first movie was loud and plot-thin, relying on fight scenes, car chases, and the flattening of thirty city buses to hold the viewer's interest. But Inui spent most of it serving food and drink, cleaning up food and drink, and listening to Kikumaru laugh every time another bus was squashed.

"Hey," said Momoshiro, after a hail of bullets had taken out something, Inui couldn't see what. "We should call up buchou in Germany!" He got out his mobile. "Who has his number?"

"He's probably at lunch right now," Fuji said. Inui picked a crumpled cracker bag up from the floor. He looked over at Kaidoh, only Kaidoh wasn't there any more. Inui wondered if Kaidoh had gone home. He wondered what would happen if he just left everyone there and followed.

Instead, Inui headed to the kitchen, to throw out the trash and get a few moments alone to plan a way out of this. Maybe if he gave everyone a glass of the new Triple Threat Healthy Option juice. But it was still experimental and Inui wasn't quite confident it wouldn't knock them out completely. No, the best plan was just to wait it out. And really, if the party hadn't spoiled his evening with Kaidoh, he would be enjoying himself.

He closed the door behind him and sighed. Should he call Kaidoh? But then he realised he didn't need to because Kaidoh was standing in the kitchen with him.

"This wasn't what I had in mind," Inui said.

"I know." Kaidoh was leaning against the wall, hands stuffed in the pocket of his hoodie. He wasn't frowning, not quite. Inui crossed over and stood beside him.

"You don't have to stay if you don't want to." Inui put his hand on the wall beside Kaidoh's head.

"It's fine." Kaidoh looked up at Inui. He wasn't frowning, but Inui could see the tension in his face. It drew Inui in, pulled him down. Kaidoh dropped his eyes, but didn't move away. A thrill fluttered in Inui's chest. He could feel Kaidoh's breath on his face now. He leaned closer.

The door opened. "Inui?"

Inui couldn't remember ever being angry at Oishi before. Just another way the day was turning out all wrong.

"There's too much for you to do," Oishi said. "Let me help."

"Kaidoh is giving me a hand," Inui said. He wasn't looking at Kaidoh anymore, but he could feel the temperature rise beside him. He wondered if Kaidoh was angry at Inui or Oishi. Probably Inui.

"I'll help Kaidoh," Oishi said and for a quarter of a paranoid second, Inui thought Oishi was trying to make a move on Kaidoh. "You watch the movie and relax."

Inui made a mental note to make a written note to get revenge on Oishi in some noticeable but unprovable way. "Thank you," he said, and went back to the party. The next movie had started. Inui sat down and watched the boat chase.

After a while, Kaidoh came in and sat down, alone in the back. The movie ground along. Kawamura and Fuji got into a discussion about the plausibility of the caper the heroes were planning. Echizen yawned loudly. And Inui got up and went to sit beside Kaidoh.

Kaidoh didn't look at him. Inui made sure not to sit too close. This was not the time to make Kaidoh nervous. But when the music swelled and the boats crashed and 500 pounds of dynamite exploded, Inui leaned over and murmured in Kaidoh's ear. "It's getting late to be out. Do you want to stay over?"

"Let's all stay over," Kikumaru yelled, turning to grin at Inui. Inui made two mental notes: first to investigate Kikumaru's hearing and second to subject him to three times the revenge that Oishi was getting.

"Good idea," Momoshiro said. "There's still another movie to watch."

It was past two before Inui had everyone bedded down either in his room or his parents'. There was going to be quite the mess to clean up before they got back. There was no more room, though, so he headed back to the living room with the very last blanket.

Kaidoh was sitting on the couch. Inui shut the door and sat down next to him. "Is there a problem with your bedding?"

"It's just too noisy in there." Too noisy with Fuji and Kawamura? Kaidoh looked down at his feet. "Can I stay out here? I'll sleep on the floor." He had a blanket and the pillow off of Inui's bed.

"Anywhere you like." Inui smiled and reached out to take Kaidoh's hand. The door started to open. Kikumaru again, no doubt about to yell that they should all sleep together in the living room. Inui bit his tongue to keep from swearing.

Then a hand clapped over Kikumaru's opening mouth and he disappeared from view. Fuji appeared, gave Inui the thumbs up, and silently closed the door.

Inui bit his tongue again. Did everybody know? He made a mental note to investigate that. He made a mental note to remember all the mental notes. Then he touched Kaidoh's hand.

Kaidoh turned, put his arms around Inui, and kissed him. It was brief but intense and Kaidoh's cheeks were red when he pulled back. Inui felt the fluttering again in his chest, the roll of blood through his body. He took off his glasses. "Kaidoh," he said and was kissed again, longer, harder.

He let Kaidoh push him back against the cushions, kiss his face and neck, then his mouth again, both of them opening up, pushing deeper, touching and sliding and pressing close as they could.

By Inui's calculations, things were looking up.

It was after three when Kaidoh went to sleep, stretched out on the couch with his head on Inui's lap. Inui's arm was around Kaidoh's chest. He stroked Kaidoh's hair and thought that he really didn't need to take revenge on anyone after all. Everything was good. Everything was fine.

And it was. Until Inui's parents came home early.

It was like 500 pounds of dynamite exploding.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, sweetie! So, can you support me in the manner to which I have become accustomed?

Oh, Inui. The poor boy can't get a break.

This seems so much like crack filler, I can picture it perfectly in my head. XD

Happy Halloween!

Suffering builds character. Also, it's funny. *g* Glad you enjoyed!

Heheh! Very funny, and so cute. And now you made me want to read Fuji fic written by you, because that one gesture was just so perfect. And I guess even Kaidou got a little impatient there in the end... Thanks!

Thank you! I wonder what kind of Fuji story I could write. Hmm.

I could say like last time "it rocks and Oishi is the cutest" but yeah, I will just say...

It rocked ! And they were all the cute <3

Oishi really is the cutest. :) I'm glad you liked it!

Hilarious and adorable~ I couldn't help but disturb everyone in the house with my laughter XD

I have never watched any Prince of Tennis, but how much do I love seeing your "Contains Boys Kissing" warning sticker? A lot, that's how much. ♥

That's not a warning, that's a guarantee!

Bahahahahah~! You know I always love your fics.
But I really do wonder what would have happened if they had all ended up sleeping together in the living room.... XD

Inui bit his tongue again. Did everybody know? He made a mental note to investigate that. He made a mental note to remember all the mental notes. Then he touched Kaidoh's hand.

And that sentence was beautiful. ^^

But I really do wonder what would have happened if they had all ended up sleeping together in the living room....

Oh, god, either Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle, no doubt. Which is further into ff.n territory than I'm prepared to go right now. *g*

I'm glad you liked it!

(Deleted comment)
Inui made a mental note to make a written note to get revenge on Oishi in some noticeable but unprovable way.


Ah, young but obsessive love. hee!

Very adorable and your Kikumaru was really just the normal level of annoying (and hey, the show gets him back that time he wants that girl band all to himself!)

Inui's love is a scary love. *g* Thank you!

*laughing herself silly*

Oh, lord. That was perfect.

Oh gods, you are so brilliant. Poor Inui. Poor Kaidou!

Also, icon love. SO very appropriate!

Ah, they suffer that we may laugh. It's cruel, I know. *g*

omg, i never read inukai. but i am so v. glad i did this time. XDDD *is dead from the funny*

poor, poor inui. the boy just can't seem to catch a break. XD oh but it's so much fun to torture him. ^_~

*claps enthusiastically*

Hee! Thanks! I think this is just Inui's karma coming home to roost. *g*

Hehe, so amused to see Inui being tortured for once.

Wonderful job on this!

Turn about is fair play. *g* Glad you enjoyed!

I think... if I were Inui... I would have to kill Kikumaru.
And then take out Oishi and Momoshiro just for good measure. >.>;;

But mmmmm... Kaidoh was so waiting all night to get Inui by himself. >3
I feel sorry for Inui, though... *BOOM* XD

I think that this worked out better for Inui, at least from a "getting with Kaidoh" perspective. It kind of shook their roles up a bit.

Getting caught by his parents with an apartment of tennis boys, though, yeah, I'm sorry for him too. :) But not sorry enough not to put him through it!