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The Taming of the Fear
I read Molly Holzschlag's blog for web dev stuff, but today's post about dealing with difficult times really hit me somehow. The way she wrote about fear rings true to me. I'll be thinking about this a lot.

Eda is a biologist. Her outlook on the world is very practical in many ways, and we talked about fear that long night. She told me that fear is not only part of life; it is life's motivating factor. She explained to me about the "flight or fight" phenomenon, which is actually the body's way of managing threats. When we feel stressed or threatened, adrenaline and other hormones begin to flood the body, preparing it to run or fight, whichever is necessary.

Eda explained to me that based on this, her belief is that all human emotion is based on fear, including love.

World on Fire - note: sound & video
The video for Sarah McLachlan's song, World on Fire. Maybe everyone has seen this before, but I hadn't. They took the money that would usually be spent on a music video and donated it to a variety of charities around the world. The video itself is a simple performance by Sarah, intercut with information about the donations and footage of the people helped.

More about the making of the video.

Unsent email: All-Flash sites contribute to the eventual heat death of the universe!
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