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You can call me Hal.

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Many Happy Returns
Everybody stop what you're doing and raise your glasses in a toast, because today is the birthday of the lovely and talented kestrelsan!

Kest! You are a writer of subtle Remus/Sirius and lovely Will/Bran and hot John/Ronon.

Kest! You are a lover of oatmeal and soccer and really good cheese.

Kest! You made me watch Gundam Wing and Stargate. You made me write Harry Potter.

Kest! You let me stay with you and drink with you and discuss many smart (and many not-so-smart) things with you.

Kest! You make me think harder and work harder and never let me take myself too seriously.

Kest! You are my writing partner and my rival for world domination and my friend.

I'm so glad I know you.

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*hugs* I'm getting very teary-eyed and glowy. You rock. And we really need to drink some beer together again soon so we can talk about apples-as-metaphors and the idiosyncracies of Severus Snape.

I'll even let you share in my eventual world domination *g*.

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