Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,


I have duly signed up. This year, I reduced the number of fandoms I said I would write for, which was probably the best idea. Now they're all ones that I think would be really, really cool to write.

One fandom I offer every year and hope hope hope that that's the one I'll be assigned. So far, no luck. I suppose I could just go ahead and write something for it anyhow, but that's just not the same somehow. Maybe this year!

Even more than that, though, I hope for one thing before this is all over: I really want to know who requested Okane ga Nai fic. And just what they asked for. Maybe: Kanou and Ayase go to Disneyland. No angst please!

Christ, maybe I should redo my request and ask for that myself, just to see what would happen.

In other news, it is nearly impossible to analyse the Tezuka-Atobe match for Tezuka/Ryoma and Tezuka/Oishi implications because of all the Tezuka/Atobe splashing around. Actually, during that match, everyone is in love with Tezuka, except for maybe Ohtori.

And in the manga version, when everyone is gathered to watch, Tezuka looks up into the stands and thinks, Sanada...

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