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Tenipuri episodes 36-38

Note: There may be mild spoilers for future episodes in these write-ups. Previous: memories or tagged.

Nothing much pairing-wise from a serious point of view. But lots of crack. And Akutsu!

36. Syusuke Fuji, the Big Brother

Fuji won't even shake Mizuki's hand. And the battle for Yuuta begins.

Mizuki believes in his scenario. It seems his strategy is a bit different from Inui's. He doesn't just predict his opponents' movements, he practices counters to them in advance.

Fuji is quite the actor. It looks like he's fooled Oishi and Eiji. Everyone gathers to see Fuji being beaten.

Ryoma is back under the tree, resting in a rather bored fashion.

And, aw, flashback to little Yuuta being beaten up by ninjas or ghosts or something. And Fuji saving him. History does not record whether or not Fuji got the shit kicked out of him by the ninjas.

I wonder why Fuji changes racquets. It doesn't seem like he'd need to.

Inui, of course, knows what's going on, and Fuji starts to win. Momoshiro is so badly drawn, he tries to sue the animators, but ultimately loses when they decline to animate the trial.

Inui is frustrated because Fuji will never "show Inui his true data" (or whatever the kids are calling it these days).

Mizuki is shocked -- shocked! -- that Fuji has been deliberately losing. Ryuzaki is amused. Tezuka is looking away from the court, probably at Ryoma under the tree. Momo and Kaidoh get engaged. Well, they stand next to each other and cheer Fuji on together. That's pretty much the same thing.

Ryoma stands up and looks in the general direction of the court, posing for buchou. Then he sits down again.

"Khaaaaaaaaaaan!" screams Mizuki.

Hyotei come by and block Ryoma's view of Tezuka.

Fuji really is scary here. No wonder Yuuta left home. Fuji's love is a scary love.

Fudomine mock St Rudolph for being bad losers. And Akazawa recognizes Tachibana. And then Fudomine kick Hyotei's ass while Inui takes data. Looks like Tachibana isn't going to risk not getting to play -- he's in Singles 3. And he makes a complete fool out of Shishido.

Atobe recognizes Tachibana as well. He adds him to the list of "tennis players I must defeat and then sleep with".

Inui has a picture of blond Tachibana in his notebook. A large picture. I really wish I knew who else was in Inui's Scrapbook of Looooooove.

Yuuta sort of confronts Mizuki. He doesn't really think Mizuki was wrong, but wants to play his own tennis from now on. Mizuki seems amused by Yuuta. Probably anticipating "visiting" him later. And then Fuji is all over Yuuta. Poor boy, not left alone anywhere. Still, Mizuki is less scary than Fuji.

Aw, Eiji is sad about losing. But he and Oishi have some special time together and then he feels better.

You know, in all seriousness, as close as they are, they don't ping me as slashy at all. The Boy and I argue about it sometimes.

Kaidoh, Momo, and Ryoma are sleeping on the bus. Momo and Ryoma are leaning on each other, but Kaidoh is sitting pretty close to Momo too and it looks like there's lots of room for him not to.

Everyone but Inui is accounted for. Maybe he and Mizuki are having a chat somewhere. And when I say "a chat" I mean "sex".

Well, a girl can dream.

37. Tennis Ball with Ryoma's Face

Ryoma has this great weird dream of hitting Tezuka in the forehead with a tennis ball. As soon as the ball makes contact, Tezuka's glasses go opaque. The ball then hits Inui, who is behind Tezuka, and then the other Regulars. Momo is the very last in line. Ryoma has defeated them all!

It must be Sunday. Ryoma's dad makes him go out and tricks him into coaching Sakuno and Tomoka. I wonder if Ryuzaki set this up because she knew Nanjiroh would back out and make Ryoma do it. Nanjiroh just seems intent on not doing it himself, not on setting Ryoma up with cute girls.

Ryoma is less than impressed. Sakuno is embarrassed. Tomoka is Tomoka.

If only this were another Wacky Adventures with Nanjiroh & Momo episode!

Sakuno has drawn a cartoon of Ryoma's face on the balls to mark them. For some reason, they can only afford one ball each. You'd think that Ryuzaki would make sure Sakuno was better supplied than that.

Of course Sakuno loses her ball. Inexplicably, the Ginka guys are total absolute jerks. Sakuno is a cute girl -- why don't they try to make time with her instead of tormenting her?

Lucky for Ryoma, he can save her while showing off hugely and pounding all the Ginka jerks into the ground. He's pretty fearless. He doesn't seem to entertain the thought that they might just beat him up.

And here's Akutsu! He's so very pale and scary-looking. I love how he's all, I came to make trouble but someone beat me to it. Ryoma isn't mean like Akutsu, but I think there are some parallels drawn between them, which we will of course explore as we go along.

You know, the Yamabuki uniform really doesn't suit Akutsu. He need more colour next to his face.

Aw, Oishi and Tezuka are in the library together. Studying! And Tezuka isn't wearing lavender! They talk about the Ginka players, not knowing that Ryoma is beating them at that very moment.

Akutsu smoked in the manga. But not the anime. Is that so that impressionable youths don't emulate him?

Tezuka knows that Inui is going over to Ginka to do some research. I imagine that every morning Inui phones up Tezuka and tells him his plans, updating him throughout the day as required.

Inui looks rather fetching in his ball cap and matching blue shirt.

Ryoma ends his second episode in a row asleep.

38. Penal-Tea!

Taka-san and his dad are so cute! We find out that Kawamura flits from one interest to another. First karate, now tennis.

Kachiro and Arai get to be ball managers together! It's as good as a date. I must say, I'm impressed with Arai. He stands up to Akutsu, even after Akutsu has been beating him up. Arai is so my Sekrit Seigaku Boyfriend. But he'll be embarrassed that Kachiro has seen him like that. This may destroy their chance for happiness together.

There are two colours of tennis ball, yellow and white. I just thought I'd mention that.

Ryoma clearly does not anticipate the level of violence that Akutsu delivers. (This anime could really use more gang fighting. I guess it's time to get back to Slam Dunk.)

It's interesting that Oishi agrees to not tell Tezuka and Ryuzaki about the incident. I guess there's a strong emphasis on them solving their own problems. I'm not surprised that Ryoma doesn't want to tell, though. He wants to get his own revenge.

Hello, crack, my old friend. I've come to watch with you again.

Inui is making everyone work extra-hard! He is so very, very evil, with his Penal-Tea for the losers. He is positively gleeful, all shiny glasses and frightening grin. Ryuzaki is almost as amused, until Inui offers her a glass.

So, Inui is actually drinking the juice and saying it tastes good while simultaneously using it as a punishment that makes people gag and faint. He's messed up.

When Inui brings out the pitcher for the losers, Momo and Kaidoh engage in some chariot-race strategy to get ahead of each other (without whipping, though). Even Tezuka is sweatdropping, though he's not made to look ridiculous like many of them. There's a cute shot of him and Ryoma running side by side that would make a good icon if Ryoma weren't so beaten up. (It might lead to questions about their relationship.)

Of course, they all finish at the same time and nobody has to drink.

Poor Kawamura is all worried about Akutsu. He won't go out with the Hamburger Trio, Eiji, Momo, and Ryoma. So of course, they have to follow him. They track him to a restaurant and almost have a heart attack when Inui shows up too.

Inui is Harriet the Spy.

The tableau of Taka-san on his "date" with another guy, a guy with a ribbon around his head -- is this Inui's fevered imagining? It's got to be. Christ, Inui probably goes home at night and makes up fiction about his teammates that's creepier than what we write.

How I love him.

When they see who Kawamura is meeting, they exclaim, "A woman!" I'm not sure if by that they mean, "A woman? But Inui just convinced us that you're gay!" or "A woman! Watch out for cougars, Taka-san!"

When she starts to cry, Inui updates his data. Oh my god, I so wish I knew what he was writing about Kawamura right now.

Akutsu arrives on scene. Ryoma is actually shaking, poor boy. {{{Ryoma}}} {{{Kawamura}}} {{{Kaidoh}}} (Well, I'm sure Kaidoh was feeling left out, waiting and waiting for Inui to join him after his spy route.)

Ryoma trips Akutsu. He's not shaking anymore. He introduces himself. Oh, but the boy loves a challenge.
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