Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

PoT Fic: According To (InuKai)

A little bit of InuKai a little early for International Fanfic Kiss Day on Monday.

According To by Halrloprillalar
Prince of Tennis, InuKai, 400 words, PG.

[ also posted to inu_kai ]

Inui had a plan. A good plan. It was detailed, it was precise, with instructions for every contingency. It had a 86% chance of success. And if he adjusted it mid-execution, the odds would be even more favourable.

In just two weeks, Inui would achieve his objective through careful adherence to the plan.

Now he just had to find it...

He flipped through his notebook a third time, but no loose paper fell out. He pawed through his bag, then turned out the contents onto a bench in the club room. He was late for practice, but if he didn't start with Step 1 today, it would throw out the whole schedule.

He stood up and checked his pockets again. It had to be somewhere.

"Senpai?" Kaidoh was standing in the doorway. The sun was behind him and it was hard to see his face. He came into the room and closed the door behind him.

"I'll be right out to practice," Inui said. "I'm just looking for something."

"Is it this?" And Kaidoh held out his hand. In Kaidoh's hand was a piece of paper. On the piece of paper were the words Plan to Win Kaidoh's Affections Within Two Weeks. Underlined. Twice.

Inui could feel the colour draining out of his face. He could feel his throat dry up. It took three tries before he could speak. "About that," he said and stopped because he didn't know what to say. There were no instructions for this particular contingency.

"Inui-senpai," Kaidoh said and his voice was a growl.

"About that," Inui said again.

Kaidoh grabbed Inui's collar in his fist, yanked him down, and Inui just had time to think, oh fuck, he's going to before Kaidoh kissed him. Hard, fast, his mouth not quite square to Inui's. When Kaidoh let go, Inui's lips were stinging, his whole skin was stinging, his joints locked into place.

"Yes," Inui said and Kaidoh ducked his head before he turned and ran outside. Inui's joints unlocked and he dropped onto the bench. At his feet was the paper, creased and crumpled. Inui smoothed it out. The ink was smudged.

Inui crossed out Two Weeks and wrote in One Afternoon.

He smiled. A good plan indeed.
Tags: fic, inukai, tenipuri
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