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You can call me Hal.

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I made this from a pic of Luke where I photoshopped (GIMPed, actually) bruises onto him, a couple of years ago. There was banged-up Luke and abused Xander.

I still love you, Luke. I would never really hurt you.

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Not only would you hurt him, you'd make Han eat him, if you hadn't ridden that pony already. Er, not eat him *that* way. The other way. You know. That's why we like you. *g*

Hey, it was just that once! Well, so far, anyhow. *g*

Heh. I remember the bruise-challenge! Luke looks very nice in sepia.

Thanks. :) Those were fun times, fun times.

*ahahhaha* THAT WAS THE BEST CHALLENGE EVER. The Luke looks really awesome in icon form, too. :D

IT SO WAS! I think I like Luke even better like this.

Beautiful icon. I think the picture is even more powerful in sepia than in color.

Thank you -- I agree, it works better like this.

But he's so...SOMETHING when he's hurt.

It makes me want to hurt him more.

There is something in what you say...

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