Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

A magic beyond all we do here

Tonight I got out the Sarah McLachlan again. I keep Fumbling Towards Ecstasy around for writing purposes. I often like to have a soundtrack for a story and Sarah is great for sappy fic. Usually she's just for hobbits, but this is for something else. I'd originally tried Sinatra for this piece, but the tone wasn't quite right. Sarah will get the job done.

I find that picking a CD or a playlist helps me to get into the mood of the story when I sit down to write. I think I listened to O Fortuna about a hundred times over one SW story.

I used to do that when I was in uni too. One semester, I stupidly took three Greek classes and one Latin class so I spent nearly every waking moment doing translation. (I think I did get a bit of fic written too.) I work better early than late, so I'd get up at about 6 AM, make tea, put on some Gregorian chants and get to work.

Then one morning, I realised that I'd forgotten to turn on the CD and what I'd thought were chants was really the wind moaning.

Do you pick music to write to? I don't have to have a soundtrack for every story, but some certainly go a lot better when I do.

Just so long as I don't start writing song stories...

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