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You can call me Hal.

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One month to the solstice
I can make it!

I hope. If I were independently wealthy, I would spend November - February in the southern hemisphere. I find it hard to deal with the short days here, especially since it's usually overcast during the day at this time of year. My winter ennui has set in and it's hard to get off the couch, even metaphorically.

I don't celebrate Christmas or any other holiday at this time of the year. I'm an atheist and a curmudgeon and an introvert. I just want to get through until we're out of the belly of the year.

Come back, sun. My brain needs you.

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But it's fun to say!

Re: Not even Kwanzaa?

You can say it without celebrating it. :)

Re: Not even Kwanzaa?

You know, that's true. And it's more fun to say it at random, probably, than to say it at a season-appropriate time.

You have all the good ideas.

I can live with short days, but I hate snow and ice and temperatures below freezing. *pines for San Francisco, where it just gets wet*

I used to live further north than I do now and while we had snow and cold and fewer daylight hours, the days were sunny and, with the snow, very bright. I miss that a lot. Right now I kind of feel like I want to stick my head under my desklamp. *g*

And all that stuff.

I'll join you in the Southern next year.

Sympathies! I'm in the middle of nowhere, neither north or south, and while days are pretty much the same length as usual, I still don't get to see the sun much right now. It's overcast and raining every day, and while I like the cooler temperatures, it seems to shut down my brain too. Sleeeepy.

Yes, exactly. And I always get ticked off at how little control I have over my physiological response to this time of year. I should be able to wake myself up, dammit!

I hear ya. (Except I do celebrate my birthday and Christmas, so this time of the year has two moments that don't suck. But I'd prefer celebrating them in Hawaii.)

Darn weather. When are we going to live inside the bubble?

I live in Australia and cannot think of anything better than having winter all year round. I even live near the beach. Wanna swap lives for half the year?

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