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You can call me Hal.

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When comment notification email isn't arriving...
tezuryo kiss
... look to the Recent Comments page. The top will show you the most recent comments on your own LJ (also useful for reading fb you receive on racy stories without opening the email with the racy story in it) and the bottom will give you links to the comments you've made.

Can't stop the signal! (Or maybe that should be, "Face it, we're all addicted".)

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I am told that this isn't always showing the comments, as well (although it seems to be showing all of mine).

Also, alas, it doesn't show replies to comments you've made in other people's ljs.

It doesn't, but it does show you where you've made comments in other people's LJs, or in communities, so that you can go directly to all of them easily to look for replies instead of having to hunt around for them.

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