Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

A girl born without the Ancient gene.

I'm downloading tonight's Atlantis ep. But I have to confess I'm still four episodes behind from this summer. I mean, I have them, I just stopped in the middle of one and never picked it up again.

It's so weird about Atlantis -- I feel like the only one at the baby shower who doesn't want to hold the baby. I enjoyed the first season well enough. But the second really hasn't been working for me at all. It just bores the hell out of me. And if I can't get into the show, I can't get into the fanfic.

This isn't meant to diss the show, by the way. De gustibus and all. You should see some of the toku I'm watching. (Or, rather, you probably shouldn't.)

Of course I love Rodney. I've loved him since he showed up in SG-1. I was so excited to see him in the Atlantis pilot. And I really do like most of the characters. It's just the episodes that I don't like. (Voyager was like that for me too.) Maybe if Daddy Skinner Caldwell Daddy showed up a little more often... *g*

But I wish I loved this show like so many people do! I wish I wanted to read and write fic for it. Is there a support group for this?

Relatedly, I noticed that I have four Stargate icons. And they are all of characters who are no longer on the show. *sniff*

Ah well, BSG and Doctor Who soon! And maybe SG-1 will pick up a bit too. And maybe TV Nihon will sub the rest of Ultraman Nexus in one big burst and I will write fanfic that no one will read about Komon, poor Komon.
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