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Commentary: Ocard (HP, Harry/Draco)

Every time the commentary meme springs up again I think about doing one, but I never get around to it. This time I did.


Ocard is Draco spelled backwards.

by Halrloprillalar

Halrloprillalar is Ralallirpolrlah spelled backwards.


I recall my motivation for writing this. I had just posted a Marcus/Oliver piece and it just didn't get as much feedback as I would have liked. So I figured that if I wrote some Harry/Draco, that was bound to get some feedback and it would make me feel validated as a person and keep me from crying at night.

It did.

Mirror, mirror.

The summary implies that the story is about the Mirror of Erised. Erised is Desire spelled backwards.

I sometimes wish I had used "Will you look into the mirror?" instead but that would perhaps have set the wrong tone for the mood I wanted the reader to be in at the beginning of the story.

Harry pulled him into the room. "It's here." Pushed him in front of the mirror. "Look."

Draco looked. He saw his father on his knees, weeping and begging forgiveness. He saw Voldemort, dead by Draco's own hand, crumbling into dust at his feet.

He saw himself, wand drawn, great and powerful. Death Eaters bowing to him, wizards cowering. Muggles dying as he purified the world.

Draco smiled.

"What do you see?" Harry asked.

Draco turned and touched Harry's cheek. "I see you."

Oh, it's over already.

Well, I hope that gave you some insight into my writing process.

Tags: fic, harry potter, harry/draco
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