Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

How to cheer up.

Me and my Conky finger puppet lip-syncing and chairdancing to Super Trouper cheers me up no end.

I've been listening to Abba a lot these last few days and Super Trouper always makes me fantasize a Prince of Tennis Band AU where Ryoma is the Queen of J-Pop and has to spend all his time touring around doing concerts and TV shows and photo shoots and other stuff. Oishi, Eiji, and Kawamura back him up. Momo and Kaidoh are his bickering bodyguards. Mizuki is his sleazy manager, who is always trying to defile Ryoma's virtue, either personally or by proxy.

Back home, thinking of him always, is Ryoma's true love, Tezuka. Tezuka is a salaryman, working for Atobe. Atobe, being Atobe, constantly puts Tezuka into compromising situations that Tezuka has to acquiesce to, otherwise Atobe will wreck Ryoma's career. Inui is Tezuka's roommate and tries to keep Ryoma from finding out about Tezuka and Atobe, but Inui is in love with Tezuka himself and so he lives with constant pain.

Fuji is an evil wizard. Or maybe a vampire.

Also a good way to cheer up: D&D at the pub.
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