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PoT Fic: Astigmatism (Tezuka/Oishi)

First there was oh my god fanservice (from the 30.5 fanbook, courtesy of leviosa8). Then there was oh so sweet fanart by histoirede.

And then there was fanfic. Just a snippet of fluff, really. A cookie. With icing. And glasses.

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Astigmatism by Halrloprillalar
Prince of Tennis, Tezuka/Oishi, 350 words, G.
What do you see?

"Let's do some more problems." Oishi bent over the textbook. "If the area of each circle is pi/4 and the distance between the centre of the circles--" He broke off when Tezuka shifted beside him. "Tezuka?"

Tezuka was leaning back against the bed, his arm over his eyes, his glasses dangling from his fingers.

"I guess it's late." Oishi closed the book and slipped it in his bag. "Don't drop those." He took the glasses from Tezuka and reached to set them down on the bedside table. Then he hesitated.

He'd always wondered what it was like not to be able to see perfectly. Maybe if he looked through Tezuka's glasses, he would see what Tezuka saw without them. He put them on.

The room seemed to bend and it made him feel almost dizzy. If he were standing, he wasn't sure he would be able walk safely. The lights were shinier and distorted. Nothing was where it should be, the world was strange and Oishi thought it would fall in on him at any moment.

"Oishi." Oishi turned his head and Tezuka -- recognizable only by his voice -- came into view. Oishi's head began to ache as his eyes struggled to focus. "Give those back." Tezuka touched Oishi's temple, slid until he found the glasses. He pulled them off Oishi's face and the world snapped back into its proper dimensions.

Tezuka lifted them to put them on, but Oishi caught his wrist. "Wait," he said. "What do you see?" Tezuka blinked once. He looked younger without his glasses, Oishi thought. He looked almost vulnerable.

"There are no sharp lines," Tezuka said. "Everything bleeds into everything else. There are no details. The lamp is a ball of light, three times as big." His eyes flicked over to the window. "The streetlights are pretty."

"What about me?" Tezuka looked back and Oishi thought how large his eyes were.

"I can't see your face," Tezuka said. "I can't see your eyes."

Oishi leaned in until their noses were almost touching. "How about now?"

"Now I'm cross-eyed," Tezuka said.

"So am I," Oishi said and he could feel Tezuka's smile when he kissed him.
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