Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Teacher, mother, secret lover

On our weekly TV night, which we have been doing for eight years now, I just realised, D. and I finally finished watching Miracles. We had high hopes for it, but it mostly turned out to be too feel-good for us. But it was cool how all of Paul's important relationships were with dead people.

Since that left a hole in the line-up, we have started watching Angel again from the beginning. I'd forgotten how much fun it was back then. We've only just watched the pilot, but as I recall the first several episodes all have at least one Batman reference and some oblique comment about Angel's sexuality.

We're also most of the way through Buffy S5, which is pretty grinding, I must say. It's going to be harshness and gloom and Teenage Dawn Angst now until the end.

I wonder if that would have happened to Firefly, if it had run for several years, if we would have got to a point where even though there was the occasional light episode, so many bad things had happened that the overall tone was grim and unrelenting. I wonder if Mal would have made as many speeches as Buffy. I wonder if we would have ended up with another Dawn/Connor-type character.

I wonder if I'm going to be late for work now.
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