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You can call me Hal.

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Dinosaurs beware!
A subbed version of the Prince of Tennis movie -- The First Game -- is now available! (It doesn't include the Atobe short.) It's done by ArabDreamers and there are subs in English and Arabic.

I got the torrent from Tokyo Toshokan, which is down again right now, but I think this should be the right link: http://www.tokyotosho.com/details.php?id=203 (If not, just use the search.)

Or you can go to the Arab Dreamers site: http://www.arabdreamers.net/torrent/browse.php Looks like registration is required to get it from there.

I have downloaded the file. It's an ogm file and I was able to get it to play in VLC Player on the Mac. You have to select the correct subtitle track to see it. The file is about 370 MB. I have only watched a few minutes of it so far, so I can't comment on the quality of the sub.


In other news, do you remember Banner Blindness? That's when you're visiting a website and your eyes just slide over any banner ads there without reading them. Well, I have developed Lyric Blindness. I was at fanfiction.net, because I love me some badfic, and at the end of the story I had just finished, there was this strange line, like something from a poem, but it didn't make sense on its own.

Was there another line at the beginning and I just missed it? I wondered. So I looked. And there were many lines of lyrics, one between each paragraph. I hadn't seen any of them until the end.

Kind of nice, really.

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I cannot decide whether you are a goddess or a devil, but thanks anyway. *rushes to download the crack*

Do you know if they're going to sub the Atobe short? It's such total crack, but it looks utterly hilarious.

Hee! I have no idea about the short -- I just found the torrent on TT. But I hope someone does. It's the best crack ever.

Wargh. Have skimmed through it, not bothering to watch all the way through, as the plot is just too ridiculous. (I refuse to believe in the existence of Echizen Ryoga, though I find the dinosaurs endlessly amusing.) The subtitles leave much to be desired, honestly; all I know of Japanese I learned by watching PoT, and they make oodles of mistakes and bad word choices. For instance, when Eiji falls overboard, Momo calls out "Eiji-senpai!" before falling with him, and we hear Oishi screaming "Momo! Eiji!" after them. The subtitles, however, insist on calling Eiji Fuji. (And verily I say unto you, WTF? How can you make such a glaring error?) Also, there's dialogue that's left unsubbed, and they have an irritating habit of either leaving the subtitles up too long or putting them up too early and chopping them off before the character's done speaking, which can cause some confusion as to who exactly is saying what. Plus, they often leave out the honorifics, which may be minor, but it pisses me off.

However, if they sub the Atobe short, I will willingly put up with all the shortcomings just to see what they're saying during the dating game show. I really want to know how the hell Niou tricked Shishido into taking part. And Ootori's horrified "Shishido-san! Doushite?" is just too cute. :D

Will you let us know about the quality of the sub after you've watched it? I'm running low on space, so I don't want to delete things to make room if it's not a good one. XDD

I will, though I'm not sure when I'll actually watch it. I'm a bit behind on my media. And not that I'll be able to tell how good the translation is, just whether or not the English is good.

do you know like where in the continuum the movie exists? I'm only at 120 still, and if there's great big stuff i should know, maybe I should hold off watching this.

But minor spoilers are okay, really, i'm not like a freak about it.

I don't think there are any spoilers at all, but I haven't watched this sub yet, just going on watching the raw and people's write-ups on what's going on. So I can't guarantee there are no off-hand references to stuff in the dialogue.

It's more like a crack AU than anything else -- it's a special separate adventure! :) Someone who watched this sub wasn't too thrilled with the translation; I don't know if anyone else is working on a sub or not.

You might want to leave it for now, if you're not through the anime anyhow, and later on you can either get a copy of this (I'll be happy to send it to you if it's hard to find online) or maybe there will be another sub by then.

well, i downloaded it anyway overnight, but i haven't had a chance to even look at it yet.

So long as it doesn't like pick up right after the end of the series or anything crazy like that, I probably won't care. I'm planning on watching a bunch of crap this weekend anyway, so we'll see what happens.

You know, I've just barely met Kirihara, and I think I'm going to like his creepy ass.

There's a special move or two used in the movie tennis that you haven't seen in the anime yet, that's all.

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