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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Went to the movies and saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The recent one, I should add -- this is a very popular title. (Shane Black, the director, says: ‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang' was first coined by the Japanese press at the height of Bond mania in the 60s.) I think there were five movies in the imdb with that title.

I didn't actually know anything about the film before I went, aside from it was showing at the more art-y theatre and it starred Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer. That seemed like enough of a recommendation to me.

It turned out to be essentially a buddy detective story, patterned after detective pulp in a smart, self-referential way. It's very funny and the dialogue is sharp and witty.

Highly recommended. I may even see it again.

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...passing through...

Saw it twice, nearly peed myself both times. I love how even the violence is clever, not slapstick. I love Michelle Monaghan(sp?)'s drunken scenes. I love... everything about this movie.

P.S. They're totally living together and having sex right after Perry turns off the camera.

Re: ...passing through...

Yes, good point about the violence. It all just fit together so well, in a way that was nearly predictable, but in such a good way, like a piece of music.

Mmm, I loved that movie. I did a second viewing (and may do a third), and caught bits of dialogue I'd missed the first time because I was laughing through them.

I think this might end up in my DVD library. It's just so fun.

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