Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Sorting it out

New drabble for the hp100 Make-Your-Own-Spell challenge: Fabula, Fabulae.


I treated myself to some new LEGO for work. I've got some cool Star Wars sets already, plus the Sorting Hat set. But I'd been having a bad week, so I picked up the Slytherin House kit.

I have one at home already. Ever since we saw CoS in December, the boy and I have been discussing all the possibilities of Harry as a Slytherin. I call this the Slytherin House AU. He calls it the True Canon.

We each had to have LEGO Slytherin Harry and Draco on our desks. I was already fixed up at home and now I'm good at work too. But in order to get Slytherin robes for Harry, I had to buy the little Harry-Draco broomsticks kit too.

So I'm left with an extra Draco. A Gryffindor Draco.

He doesn't look pleased. I think I'm going to have him help Luke defeat the Emperor. That will really piss him off. Or maybe get some other kit and stage a tableau: Draco's Nightmare. Or he could always get eaten by the LEGO crocodile.

A world of possibilities!

Also: Watched more Speed Racer tonight. Still in love with Racer X. Whenever he's on the screen, we look at each other and sigh and exclaim: he's so cool! he's such a hero!

ETA: Only 35.30572% on the Geek Test? That's only Major Geek. Now I'm depressed.

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