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Okay, ES21.

After avoiding it for nearly a year, I have started to consume Eyeshield 21. (I really need a good verb that means "reading the manga and watching the anime at the same time".) It's a highschool sports series, about American football (amefuto). I actually did give it a try before, but the character design kind of put me off the manga and I was bitter, oh so bitter, that the anime took Prince of Tennis's timeslot.

But I'm in such a sports anime/manga mood right now that I took a break from the usual toku (more about that another time) and dove in. I have watched 10 episodes and read 30 issues. So far, so good. Are there more than 26 episodes subbed in English yet? That was all I could find. And 80 issues of the manga.

It will surprise no one at all that I've been fathoms deep in love with Shin from the moment I laid eyes on him. I have two icons of him already. I deleted an icon of Inui to fit them both in!

Not shipping anyone much so far except for Hiruma/Mamori which seems like it would be an awesome pair along the lines of Xander/Cordelia. What are the usual ships? I don't want to go looking for fic until I've caught up with the canon, so I won't be spoiled.

I like Eyeshield 21. I'm not super-crazy about it and so far it's not quite scratching my shounen sports itch like I'd hoped it would. (God, after Slam Dunk, what could?) And I'm used to Canadian football, not American. (Four downs? Come on!) But it's still good. And very fun.

And there's Shin.
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