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You can call me Hal.

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How will you procrastinate on your Yuletide story? by prillalar
Words already written
You will procrastinate byDebating the definition of "drabble" in your LJ. Why can't we all just get along?
Minutes to spare when you upload4
The story will contain this phraseHe tilted his head to allow better access.
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Oh, and if you're really desperate, you could use the Drabble-Matic to do the work for you. :) For example, if you have to write an Okane ga Nai story:

I Saw Kanou Kissing Santa Claus

Ayase woke up in the middle of the night. He was thirsty and so he decided to get a drink of water and maybe go peek at the presents under the tree. Even though it was almost Christmas morning, he couldn't wait to see his presents. There was one springy box that looked like a dildo.

Then Ayase noticed that Kanou was out of bed too. He must not have been able to wait for his presents either.

Ayase thought that he would surprise Kanou. Maybe even sneak up behind him and tickle him on his humongous bellybutton. That always made Kanou spiffy.

Ayase crept sadly down the stairs and into the living room. There was the tree, with its delicate lights, and the presents, heaped up harshly, and the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling, and Kanou. Kissing someone.

Ayase was so angry, he picked up a cucumber from a table and threw it hyperactively under a table.

They both looked around.

"Kanou, you tinkling aardvark!" Ayase yelled. "How could you cheat on me with...with..." Ayase looked and then rubbed his wrist and looked again. It was Santa Claus.

"Let me explain," Kanou said. "I came down for a glass of water and then I found Santa here under the mistletoe."

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" Santa said. "So of course he had to give me a kiss. And what a dreadful kiss it was."

"Well, I suppose," Ayase said wistfully. "If he was under the mistletoe."

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" Santa said. "Why don't you give me a kiss too? Then things will be damned sexy."

That seemed reasonable. Ayase went over under the mistletoe and kissed Santa.

Santa was the best kisser ever, like chocolate melting in the sun. He made Ayase's nose feel all squishy.

"You see?" Kanou said hungrily and Ayase saw. So they had a threeway.

Everybody's presents were late.

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How will you procrastinate on your Yuletide story? by prillalar
Words already written
Feedback?YesPlease!Is how I determine my self-worthNo, I'm above all that
You will procrastinate byWriting the sixteen drabble requests that you said you would do last May and then never finished.
Minutes to spare when you upload28
The story will contain this phraseThe shimmering stars of his violet eyes
Quiz created with MemeGen!

...I'm so tempted to try to get some variant of that line into my story now.

Re: best. quiz. evar.

Hee! Post it in your LJ and help me spread it around. :) (Besides, posting these in comments screws up the form field.s)


Ironically, I think this just inspired me to finish up now.

...Right after I play a few rounds of Taiko Drum Master. Ahem.

Non-ironically, I spent all morning making the quiz instead of writing. :)

I spent my morning making a spreadsheet of statistics about the last three years of pairings in merry_smutmas. You're in good company.

Hee! Darn, I actually, um, finished and uploaded my story this morning, so I don't qualify to do your memegen.

Jeez, you're making the rest of us look bad! *g*

"Kanou, you tinkling aardvark!" Ayase yelled.

Words cannot express my joy.

Obviously, I'm still totally stuck on this "who would request Okane ga nai fic?" thing. *g*

Ah, Drabble-Matic is love. I wish I could run it a few times and put the results together to make a story, but there aren't enough characters involved. Maybe if I changed the names for each refresh...

*still procrastinating*

There's the one with Mary Sue Noun -- you could just change her name afterwards. :)

I was going to do this and post it in my journal, but then I was embarrassed to reveal how few words I have written in public. Tomorrow, maybe *g*.

You can lie about it, you know. :) The very, very sad thing is that the stupid quiz is the only thing I've accomplished all weekend. And now I have to go out.

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