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Sol Invictus and InuKai

Here's hoping the sun will rise tomorrow. I am an atheist, but if I were to worship something, it would be the sun. I fear it when it's here, I pine for it when it's gone. I hate it and I crave it.

The rising of the sun,
The running of the deer,
All merry people rise and greet
The turning of the year.

I promised myself that when I finished my Yuletide story I could write some InuKai fluff. So here it is.

Hal's Fluffy InuKai Story by Hal
Pairing: InuKai
Summary: Fluff

[ also posted to inu_kai and tenipuri_yaoi ]

Kaidoh Kaoru had a problem. He was in school, but that wasn't the problem; he always did very well in school because he studied hard. He was in the tennis club but that wasn't the problem; he always did very well at tennis because he trained and practiced lots every day.

The problem was his senpai. Actually, the problem really wasn't his senpai. Inui helped Kaidoh a lot by making special training menus for him and working out with him and giving him lots of good advice.

The problem, the real problem, was inside Kaidoh. Whenever Kaidoh saw Inui-senpai, he felt like Inui was wearing an undershirt made out of magnets and Kaidoh was wearing one made out of metal and the magnets were pulling the metal. Whenever Kaidoh didn't see Inui, there was this sort of odd scrunched up feeling inside his chest that was like a pain but not quite.

The problem was that Kaidoh liked Inui-senpai in a special way.

Kaidoh tried ignoring the special feeling. It was special in an inappropriate way and so he couldn't let it change the way he acted. But it was really hard, with the magnet magnetizing and the pain hurting and Inui telling Kaidoh about aerobic and anaerobic exercise in such a low and gentle voice.

He couldn't take it anymore! "Senpai," he said, "I like..." But then his throat closed up, sort of like it had that time when he was eight and a bee stung him and he went into anaphylactic shock.

"What was that?" Inui said. "You like cheese?"

Kaidoh's face got all hot and prickly and he looked down at Inui's shoes. "No, senpai, I--"

"You don't like cheese? Kaidoh, I have to tell you that according to my data there is a 96% probability that you like cheese."

"No, I like cheese," Kaidoh said, "but that's not what I meant." This was getting all tangled up and confused. "But I also like..." And then mouth dried right up.

"You like Katamari Damacy? I play that all the time. In fact, I stayed up until 3 AM last night because I was doing so well and I just couldn't quit. I know this great website with strategy tips that I could give you the link to. Sometimes when I'm walking to school, I think that I'm still in the game and I run into things trying to roll them up. Does that ever happen to--"

"You!" Kaidoh yelled. He grabbed Inui by the shoulders and shook him. "I like you!" He was pleased that he had finally got the words out. But then he realised what he had done. He would have to apologize a bunch of times, then run off. He dropped his arms and moved back so he would have enough room to bow without banging into Inui. "I--"

"--like you too."

Kaidoh stopped half-way through his bow and looked up at Inui. There was a tear trickling down Inui's cheek from behind his glasses. And he had a smile on his face, not the kind of frightening smile he sometimes got when he was handing out his juice to people, but a soft smile, a happy smile.

"I like you too," Inui said again and there was a sort of explosion inside of Kaidoh, like fireworks going off in all colours, and he smiled back at Inui.

And then Inui kissed him. They were still in the park and anyone could come along and see them but Kaidoh didn't care. Being kissed by Inui was the most amazingly magical experience of his life, except for when Inui put his tongue in Kaidoh's mouth, which was kind of gross.

When Kaidoh went home after training, he wondered if it was really just all a misunderstanding but then he got an email from Inui with about three pages of super-embarrassing love talk and also the URL to the Katamari Damacy site. Kaidoh printed out the email and slept with it crumpled up in his hand. And he asked his mom to buy him Katamari Damacy.

In the morning, Kaidoh went to school and Inui gave him a sweet good morning kiss without any tongue and told him that they would both work very hard and become tennis pros and live together and adopt three children and be in love forever. Kaidoh blushed and hugged Inui-senpai tight.

They both worked very hard at tennis and went on lots of dates and Kaidoh got even better at Katamari Damacy than Inui. Kaidoh even started to like tongue kissing after a while. And they were very, very happy and Kaidoh had no problems at all.

Until he started having those dreams about Momoshiro.
Tags: fic, inukai, tenipuri
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