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InuKai meme

I am filled with so much Prince of Tennis love tonight. If there were a magical mill that ground InuKai stories until the sea was full and the earth was covered and the stars were blotted out, it still wouldn't be enough for me.

And so, a meme. From tenikime.

01. Please give your name and how long you've been a fan of InuKai.

Hal. Since around May 2004.

02. How did you start liking InuKai?

I can't even recall. They are just so obvious and right that surely I must have been shipping them at least from when Inui gave Kaidoh the training menu. Maybe even from when Kaidoh asked Inui if he was picking a fight.

03. Who are your four favourite characters?

Kaidoh, Inui, Kaidoh again, and, um, Kaidoh.

04. What other pairings do you ship outside of InuKai?

MomoKai, Inui/Tezuka, TezuRyo (my first ever PoT ship), Inui/Yanagi, Tezuka/Oishi

05. Do you like Inui or Kaidou more?

Kaidoh. But if I were their age, it would be Inui, definitely.

06. What do you like about Inui?

He's smart and geeky and has glasses. He's lawful evil. He works hard. He loves Kaidoh.

07. What do you think Kaidou likes about Inui?

Kaidoh respects Inui's ability and dedication. Also, there's this teenage hormone thing going on.

08. What do you like about Kaidou?

He's such a sweetie. He tries so very, very hard and cares so very, very much what people think of him. He's gruff and scary and actually does throw a few punches here and there. He's mentally fragile and needs someone to support him. He's got a crunchy outside and a soft centre.

09. What do you think Inui likes about Kaidou?

He's a hard worker. He's easily influenced. He's so goddamn hot. See above re hormones.

10. Who do you think Inui should pair up with in doubles, other than Kaidou?

I could have watched Inui and Yanagi play doubles all day.

11. Why?

They know each other so well and have such a similar style.

12. Who do you think Kaidou should pair up with in doubles, other than Inui?

MOMO! Actually, they're my favourite doubles pair ever, even more than Inui and Kaidoh.

13. Why?

Momo knows exactly how to support and motivate Kaidoh. Their rivalry pushes them to try even harder. They are really in tune. They make out after every match.

14. What do you think is Inui’s class ranking?

Hmm, pretty high in sciences but less good in humanities.

15. What do you think is Kaidou's class ranking?

Probably quite good over-all, since he probably studies hard. But not really, really high.

16. What do you think Inui got Kaidou for his birthday?

A heart-rate monitor for training. And a kiss.

17. What do you think Kaidou got Inui for his birthday?

He baked him a homemade cake which turned out reasonably well but not perfect.

18. If they go out on Christmas Eve, where do you think they should go?

A family restaurant.

19. Why?

Too much of a fuss would make Kaidoh nervous.

20. When they're "alone" that night, someone suddenly intrudes! Who do you think that is?


21. At that time, what do you think Inui said? Do you think he sent the intruder away?

99 times out 100, Inui threatened Momo with Inui Juice and chased him off. But the 100th time, he encouraged him to stay and join the fun. *cough*

22. How about Kaidou?

Kaidoh yelled at Momo and told him to get away now! But he thought about him later on and felt guilty.

23. Everyone goes to the first temple visit of the New Year together! Do you think Inui like to go with Kaidou?

If all the Regulars are together, sure.

24. When Inui wants to make a monetary offering, he realizes that he doesn't have any small change on him. From who does he borrow money, and how much?

Tezuka. Of course. If Tezuka isn't there, Inui calls him up to ask from whom he should borrow the money. How much? No idea what's appropriate.

25. What is Inui’s wish?

For him and Kaidoh to be in love forever.

26. When Kaidou wants to make a monetary offering, he realizes that he doesn't have any small change on him. From who does he borrow money, and how much?

Kaidoh borrows from Momo, as little as possible, and pays him back the next day.

27. What is Kaidou’s wish?

To become a tennis pro.

28. On Valentine's Day, how much candy did Inui get?

A bit, from geeky girls like I used to be.

29. On Valentine's Day, how much candy did Kaidou get?

More than Inui, but still not lots.

30. When they do sleepovers, do they sleep in the same bed?


31. Who is your seme and uke between Inui and Kaidou?

I don't use a seme/uke framework when I write.

32. How come?


33. If Inui and Kaidou played doubles against Shishido and Oohtori would their combination be strong? Weak?

What do you mean, if? They were strong in the Force.

34. How much do you think Inui weighs?

This ain't no carnival act.

35. How much do you think Kaidou weighs?

Less than I had him weigh in the story where Inui has to hoist him up on his shoulders. I'm bad at estimating that sort of thing.

36. Which animal do you think Inui thinks Kaidou is most like?

Cat. The quiet, loner type of cat that you have to treat exactly right so it won't scratch you.

37. Which animal do you think Kaidou is most like?

Yeah, I'd say cat too.

38. Which animal do you think Kaidou thinks Inui is most like?

Something strong and cunning -- a wolf, maybe? Not sure what's most culturally appropriate there.

39. Which animal do you think Inui is most like?


40. Which flower fits Kaidou the most?


41. Which flower fits Inui the most?


42. Do you think Kaidou would look good with Inui's clothes on?

No, Inui's clothes are all really ugly and too big for Kaidoh.

43. Do you draw or write for InuKai?

Write, oh yes, I write.

44. When Inui confesses to Kaidou do you think he would be embarrassed or shy?

Not usually, no. Inui is rarely disconcerted.

45. Which suits Kaidou more: "ore" or "boku"?


46. Do you prefer the serious or the sadistic (drink my new juice) Inui?

Either or both! Depends on my mood.

47. What/who should Kaidou cosplay?


48. What/who should Inui cosplay?


49. What should they cosplay together?

Mulder and Scully. Kaidoh is Scully.

50. Is their height difference ideal to you?

Oh, yes.

51. Right now, do you think their love is unrequited or not?

Not! It's canon!

52. Where would be a good place to be kissed by Kaidou?

On the cheek.

53. Where would be a good place to be kissed by Inui?

Nape of the neck.

54. Do they usually hug each other from the back or the front?


55. When they kiss, would you prefer the kiss in a special way?

Oh, there are so many ways with Inui and Kaidoh. There's the one where Inui puts two fingers under Kaidoh's chin and raises his head and says, Look at me, Kaidoh, and kisses Kaidoh gently.

And there's the one where Kaidoh grabs Inui's shoulders and kisses him hard and runs away, blushing while Inui smiles so wide his mouth aches.

And there's the one where they're sitting on the floor in Inui's room and Kaidoh is watching Inui and Inui turns to look at Kaidoh and Kaidoh can't see Inui's eyes, so he slowly pulls Inui's glasses off and Inui leans down and they kiss and kiss and kiss and Inui gets his hand up under Kaidoh's shirt.


56. What do you think Kaidou's image color is?

Do the colours have meanings? I'll say black.

57. What do you think Inui’s image color is?

Any really ugly shade of green.

58. When Kaidou gets out of the bath, does he wear a bathrobe? Or does he wear pajamas?

I think he wears the same cute white pyjamas that my Sim!Kaidoh wears.

59. When Inui gets out of the bath, does he wear a bathrobe? Or does he wear pajamas?

Some ugly green bathrobe, no doubt.

60. What do you think Kaidou's sleeping posture is like?

Curled up.

61. What do you think Inui’s sleeping posture is like?

On his back, with his arm over his face.

62. Do you think they should hold hands or link arms when they walk?

No. Kaidoh would feel very uncomfortable with that.

63. What scenes in the anime made you think about InuKai?

Ha! All of them! But special mention to the first towel training scene, where Kaidoh thinks about how impressive Inui is and also to the OMG Tender Finger Caress Their True Love Is Canon scene.

64. Which scenes in the manga made you think about InuKai?

Their recent doubles match against Hyotei was really lovely. They were so in sync.

65. When Inui confessed that he’d like to play doubles with Kaidou, how did the both of them feel in their hearts?

Inui knew this was a step to winning Kaidoh's love. Kaidoh was just thinking about his tennis and how doubles didn't fit with his desire to fight on his own.

66. What are Inui’s feelings about Kaidou’s love for animals?

It's very sweet.

67. Karupin catches them kissing. What's Inui's excuse?

Excuse? You don't have to explain to a cat!

68. Karupin catches them kissing. What's Kaidou's excuse?

He offers no explanation, but is still reluctant to kiss in front of Karupin.

69. Do you think the two of them call each other by their given names?

Hmm. I think Inui might begin to use "Kaoru" after a while. But Kaidoh doesn't ever switch, unless Inui really insists. Mostly because I have a major kink for him calling Inui "senpai" at intimate moments.

70. Do you want the two of them to call each other by their given names?

Not in the near future.

71. Do you participate in any InuKai doujin activities?


72. Do you have a homepage, and if you do, is it related to InuKai?

It has InuKai fic on it.

73. If not would you like to have one?


74. Do you read InuKai doujinshi?


75. Approximately how many InuKai books do you own?

Just scanlations. 10? I don't really like explicit dj about them, so I mostly try to get the cute stuff.

76. What do you think their relationship is most like? Heart warming, Rough, Arrogant, Lovey-dovey or something else?

Heart-warming. They are both rather sentimental, even though they don't show that easily on the surface.

77. When you first saw Inui, did you think that he was interesting?

Hmm, I don't think so. He looks so odd in the anime. He's much cuter in the manga.

78. What was the first thing that came to mind when you saw the episodes with Inui and Kaidou playing doubles?


79. In a practice match between Inui and Kaidou, what would you expect to happen?

If it's for practice, then it would depend on what Inui wanted to work on. If it's a ranking match, hmm, a very close game with Inui winning. He has too much data on Kaidoh now to lose.

80. Who do you want to see Kaidou play the most? (Singles only)

Tezuka. I would love to see their interaction on the court.

81. Who do you want to see Inui play the most? (Singles only)

Mizuki. Data match!

82. When you found out that Kaidou refused to play doubles with Inui in the beginning, what were your thoughts?

I liked it. It made it more of a challenge for Inui.

83. When it was said that Inui made Kaidou’s training menu what were your feelings??


84. When it was revealed that Kaidou took Inui’s offer as a doubles partner, what was your reaction?

Aw! Love!

85. What do you think that Inui was thinking at that time?

He was glad that his persuasion was effective. Because Kaidoh is never fully predictable.

86. What are your favourite Kaidou lines?

"This is Snake One!" Oh, Kaidoh, you are so adorkable. Also: "Don't underestimate Kaidoh Kaoru!"

87. What are your favourite Inui lines?

Pretty much anything he says to Tezuka. Also, from the crack episode where they had club switch day and he was playing baseball and pitching to Kawamura, who hit the ball and caused some weird fluke play. Inui gave this long explanation of how he had planned it all from the start, which was clearly a lie.

88. When they both realized their feelings, who do you think confessed first?

80% of the time, Inui confesses first. 15% of the time, Kaidoh confesses first. 5% of the time, Kaidoh confesses first, but Inui manipulates him into it.

89. Where did he confess?

Inui: either during training in the park or in his bedroom. Kaidoh: in the park or outside the school, once he checked to make sure nobody else was around.

90. What do you think Kaidou looks better in, a school uniform or his regular jersey?

Uniform. But I prefer him in his after-school workout clothes. Or in that rent-boy outfit he wore bowling.

91. What do you think Inui looks better in, a school uniform or his regular jersey?

I like him best in the regular shirt and track pants, without the jersey.

92. If you were to talk to Kaidou, what would you call him? (-kun, -sama, -chan, mamushi etc..)
93. If you were to talk to Inui, what would you call him? (-kun, -sama, -chan, deeta-san etc..)

I'm a lot older than they are, so -kun. But if I'm writing about them and doing the "talk to my characters thing", I call them Inui-san and Kaoru-chan. *blush*

94. If you could give InuKai some advice for their relationship what would it be?

Enjoy it now because at that age, it's probably not going to last above six months.

95. Has admiring InuKai changed the way you look at some things?

Not specifically that pairing, no.

96. Have you had dreams about InuKai?

Hmm, no. (A lot of MomoKai dreams, though, one of which featured a jealous Inui.)

97. What is the longest time you've spent talking about InuKai?

As long as I think my partner will stand to listen. *g*

98. What's the greatest thing about InuKai?

Their love is so noble and pure and true! Also adorable.

99. Is there any other pairing you like about as much as you like InuKai?

TezuRyo. They are my two main tenipuri pairings.

100. One last question: What is InuKai to you

An orange creamsicle. A purring cat. The Brandenburg Concertos. A groovy kind of love.
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