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You can call me Hal.

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(no subject)
Fandom feels icky right now. Thank god for hockey!

Personal to Anton Khudobin: Tuesday you were my hero. Today you are my enemy. But either way, you are very cool.

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Today is the 2006 IIHF World Junior Championship final! Canada vs Russia. I'm leaving work early to go to the pub to watch.

And just think, Olympic hockey is just around the corner!

You should be glad I don't follow the NHL. :)

Hooray for leaving work early!

I'm glad you're so excited. (:

Actually, it's more like "came in early and skipped lunch" to leave early, but still, hockey!

(Deleted comment)
But Julian and Ricky's co-dependant love is non-gay! I would write some Lucy/Sarah, but I keep hoping we'll actually see them get drunk and make out on the show.

(Deleted comment)
But they are just so straight! At least with each other. I could see Julian having a bit of an indiscretion, though. Hmm, with whom, though?

Actually, I want to slash J-Roc and Tyrone. I want Sarah and Bubbles to get together. And I want Randy and Mr Lahey to get married. Here's hoping for next season!

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