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You can call me Hal.

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All YSI.

Johnny Cash: Delia's Gone - It's so wicked.

Sonny & Cher: I Got You Babe - For the Londo - G'Kar vid in my head.

Handel: Duetto XV: Quel Fior Che All'Alba Ride - Emma Kirkby and Judith Nelson, sopranos

Hesperus: The Lusty Young Smith - My *cough* Galadriel/Gimli song.

k.d. lang: Bird on a Wire - I always, always hated Bird on a Wire, whether it was Cohen or a cover. Until I got k.d. lang's Hymns of the 49th Parallel. This is my favourite track on the album.

Cibo Matto: Sugar Water - The sexy Xander/Buffy dance song.

Travis: Why Does It Always Rain On Me? - Jeffrey Spender's theme.

Howard Jones: No One Is To Blame - From my Tezuka/Ryoma playlist. Because it's kind of depressing. Also, I think Howard Jones sounds like Okiayu.


Three Little Maids from School -- The version from the CBC's A Gilbert & Sullivan Gala, with Tracy Dahl, Richard Stuart, and Bramwell Tovey.

Thanks, sanj! T'Pau - Heart and Soul - It was apparently 80s day when we were at the pub on New Year's Day. When I heard this song, I could see the video in my head. But the song's not on iTunes.

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Why is that Londo-G'kar vid still in your head and not on the internet for me to see? Why? Why? Why?

I'm having interface problems!

When I think about the vid, it doesn't appear on my computer.

If you don't come up with Heart and Soul by 7PM EST, email me (sandyjustine AT gmail DOT com) and I will send it to you... I only have it at home, but I do have it. ;)

Thanks! I will take you up on that if need be.

I've got it -- you want it? Is email OK?

That would be awesome, thank you! prillalar@runbox.com

Sugar Water! OMG, I love you!

Think I'll try the k.d. lang as well. I have a BOBs cover of "Bird on a Wire" that you might at least find funny, but it's on tape, so I don't know how I'd share it electronically.

Re "No One Is To Blame", have you seen tzikeh's XF vid to that? It's brilliant.

"Delia's Gone" cracks me up.

I wondered if I'd sent you the k.d lang before. Whenver I listen to it, I think about FMA. I do have the BOBs version somewhere, probably also on cassette. The "bird's the word" bit saves it, but only just. :)

No, the k.d. lang is new to me. And wow. Awesome. Also viddable. (: Hmm...

I always had ideas of making an FMA vid to it, but that will never happen. Please do something with it!

The whole album is really, really lovely.

I'm sorry you've given up the idea! I keep hoping for more vids from you.

This song is definitely in the queue. Just not sure what it hooks up to, yet.

Travis: Why Does It Always Rain On Me? - Jeffrey Spender's theme.

oh, how i love you.

*hugs Spender, her not-so-secret x-files boyfriend*

Oh, Spender! He's my boyfriend too.

What always bugged me about his detractors (in fandom, not on the show) was that they seemed to base their dislike on his opposition to Mulder, not stopping to consider that to any reasonable person, Mulder seemed like a crazy person. It was just because we were watching the show that we knew he was actually right.

I love Spender dearly. Fox Mulder is and will always be the love of my life (maybe excluding Roy Mustang) but i always felt the need to defend Spender. i think is tragic that he and Mulder didn´t get to connect as they could have. i always felt they were more alike than they thought, with Spender having had the wrong influences but deep inside capable of the same passion and decency. i love that David Duchovny picked some of this when he made "William".

Awww, that is the perfect perfect Spender song. It makes me want to write about him again :) oh, the good old days when Spender was sekritly alive and living with Krycek and it was all so twisted.

Sonny & Cher: I Got You Babe - For the Londo - G'Kar vid in my head.

You have broken me into little tiny pieces with that mental image. I hope you're happy now. I know I am.

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