Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

It could happen to you cause it happened to me.

You know you've been in fandom too long when you're watching your show and the three guys are up on the roof, hanging out and having some snacks and the two you are shipping with each other are eating bananas and then the one that's in your het ship bites into an apple and you yell, The fruit does not lie!

There was also f/f shippy goodness, but it did not involve fruit or vegetable subtext.

Ace wo Nerae live action. I'm three episodes in and I'm really enjoying it. I think there are nine altogether. It does feel a bit rushed, though. I imagine the manga spent a lot more time building up.

*pokes BSG and SG-1 torrents*

I also watched S3 of Trailer Park Boys tonight; I'm trying to rewatch the whole series this month. While I was watching S1 over the holidays, I noticed an offhand reference to Terry's Monte Carlo! I was surprised how much that tiny bit of continuity excited me. And it didn't even involve bananas!

Speaking of which, my big hope for this season is that Randy and Mr Lahey get married. I wonder how likely that is. And sorry, lj user kormantic, I tried while I was watching, but I just can't, just can't slash Ricky and Julian. Not even if they are both blind drunk and never remember it later. Maybe Julian with someone else, though.

After all, he ate a banana once.
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