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Battlestar Galactica 2.11

At last, my show is back.

For her, the good of the many outweighs the good of the few or the one, and in this case, the "many" is the military effort. She's ruthless, still thinking in terms of winning the war, and everything she does is focused on that goal. Even stripping ships and conscripting civilians.

(I like how Tigh's conversations with her XO are so suspect. We just don't know how much to believe what the XO is saying.)

I'm so intrigued that she made Kara the CAG, especially after Kara just took off on a mission she wasn't assigned. Does Cain really believe that Kara will be loyal and obedient? Or is she using her in a different way?

I did enjoy that moment of "you remind me of me" that they shared. I wish we knew more about Cain's military record. Is she as mindful of strict military discipline when she is not the one in command?

Trapped in a World Gone Mad! Of him, Cain, and Roslin, he's definitely the most idealistic of the bunch. His focus is so different from Cain's -- to protect the people and hold them together.

But the Cain-Adama conflict is really a mirror of the original Adama-Roslin conflict, the needs of the military versus the needs of the population as a whole. Adama has shifted in his views somewhat, but I think it's more the shift in behaviour you get when you're interacting with a different person. Without Cain in the mix, Adama and Roslin wouldn't be pulling together as much as they are.

I'm surprised he agreed to the assassination, though. I still wonder if he has an overall plan that's different from what we saw.

In some ways, nearly as ruthless as Cain. What I hoped and still hope to see is a situation where Kara is forced to choose between Roslin and Cain. (Kara has two mommies!)

I wonder if she would be quite so quick to advocate assassination, though, if she weren't going to die so soon. She must be trying to get everything wrapped up, to take care of things as much as she can.

I don't think she's above using her weakness to accomplish this, if necessary. Adama holding her hand and saying she was right about the need to kill Cain while Roslin coughs weakly -- I'm sure she's using his compassion to persuade him. Probably feeling badly about it, but doing it just the same.

Roslin and Cain are a lot more alike than either of them are like Adama.

Everyone wants Kara Kara's loyalty. She responds to strength. Cain is strong. Cain threw her off-balance by promoting her instead of punishing her for her unauthorized actions. She must not be sure how Cain will react in the future.

So goddamn much has happened to Kara over the series. She's been away from the Galactica as much as she's been there. Her body was violated by the Cylons. She's been all alone. And more and more.

She must be very confused right now, not knowing whom to trust.

She's always been the lost girl. I wish we'd had a tiny bit more time between her and Cain. Does Cain trust her? Is Cain using her to play her game?

Not much to do this week, but I'm strongly hoping that he's Adama's real fall guy in the plan against Cain. Tigh would do anything for Adama, even more so than Kara would. And Adama might ask it of him.

The Mission
They are going to destroy the Cylon's afterlife. I can't recall what the human religion believes about their own deaths. Is there another life for them too?

I can't wait for more.
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