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You can call me Hal.

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Zombie Sorter
Poll #654563 Zombie Sorter

If someone offered me a brain sandwich I would:

refuse it
eat it
eat the brains but leave the bread
eat the brains of the person offering me the sandwich

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(You know what a vegetarian zombie eats, right?)


(I love this quiz. Also, your icon. Also, you. :D)

Saw an Inui plushy on eBay yesterday and thought of you. It was unbearably cute. Cheap shipping, too. Out of Saskatchewan. :D

Brain and brain, what is brain? If I didn't think my Darth Maul plushie might slice him up, I'd check out Inui. Though maybe Inui would actually be the Alpha Sith and send Darth Maul out to do his bidding. Then nobody would be safe!

(Deleted comment)
You can't escape the zombies!

I'd eat the brains of the person offering me the sandwich but I'd also keep the sandwich. You never know when you're going to run out of brains and a backup supply like that could come in very handy.

See, this is so smart it makes me wonder whether you are really a zombie after all. Maybe you're just a serial killer. Hmm, the poll is flawed.

No-- you need to give the bread to the needy little wild birdies...

Zombies feeding ducks in the park. :)

Not really any stranger than an angel and a demon feeding ducks in the park, I suppose.

fresh brains over sandwichified brains? need you even ask?

Some people do seem to prefer the sandwich. Maybe they just don't like to take the time to obtain fresh.

You forgot to give an option for: "I've already eaten brains."

*is special brain-eater*

But brains are like popcorn -- you can't eat just one!

Best Poll I Have Ever Seen.

Ever. I'm not kidding.

I rashly chose the third option, then had a crisis. They were human brains weren't they?? Because my vegetarian principles would not allow me to eat lamb.

Hee! I think there's only one way to be sure that the brains you're eating are human brains.

You've just hit my one surefire foodsquick. If I'm ever offered an actual dish involving brains, it will not get eaten unless it would cause an international incident or something to refuse.

It would be really unfortunate if you became a zombie. Maybe they make some sort of Brain Substitute you could eat instead.

Speaking of brains, have you ever read the author Christopher Moore?
Author of such books as Bloodsucking Fiends, The Stupidest Angel(wherein brains!), The Island of the Sequened Love Nun, etc. etc.

No, I haven't. Do you recommend him?

Highly, like jumping up and down highly. Wonderful insanity. The other book of his that I've read is Practical Demonkeeping, which later ties in with the aforementioned Island of the Sequined Love Nun, The Stupidest Angel and The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove. Also if you're in the mood to be struck down by God: Lamb The Gospel according to Biff, Christ's childhood pal.

Quite frankly, if I ever get to the point where I'm eating human brains? I want them cooked for me by Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Because say what you will about the man but damn, does he know how to cook!

::still remembers how the scene in Hannibal goes -- slices of fresh brain go into the ice water bath to firm up (just a little lemon juice, remember!), then lightly sauteed in black butter.... Yes, it was very disturbing food porn::

Clearly, you are not a zombie! And I'll be looking closely if I'm ever at your place for dinner. :)

Oh, but I set an awesome table!

::arranges flowers carefully so you can't see what's at the other end of the table::

A little Chianti, dear?

You don't want to eat brains, I assure you. I hear that one ounce of it has like, 500 calories, or something like that.

So, why aren't zombies fat?

Duh, real zombies are fat. Hollywood only hires bulimic zombies for movies.

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