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You can call me Hal.

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I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
Last night the Boy borrowed all my Johnny Cash albums (which to him seemed a rather large stack, but to me seemed woefully small). It turns out that he was out at karaoke and people kept asking him to sing Cash songs and he didn't know them.

("It wasn't Ring of Fire, was it? Please don't tell me you don't know Ring of Fire," I said. "I know Ring of Fire," he replied, somewhat offended.)

He feels like a failure because he doesn't appreciate Johnny Cash. And so he's going to try to learn. It's very cute.

It reminded me of how he tried to learn to like beer, because he thought that a Canadian who didn't like beer was not a real Canadian at all. For about six weeks, he drank a beer every day. (And I made sure he had decent beer, not any love in a canoe crap.)

It didn't work. He got to the point where he could drink it without hating it, but he still doesn't like it.

I wonder if these two things correlate. Will someone who couldn't develop an appreciation for beer be able to develop one for Johnny Cash?

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He's kind of adorable, isn't he?

I share Dale's general distaste for beer, but Cash has grown on me. So I think there's hope.

He kind of is. :) I'm skeptical that he'll be able to really learn to enjoy Cash -- it doesn't seem like his kind of thing. But maybe he'll be able to learn enough to avoid future embarassment at karaoke.

I don't like beer, but I adore Johnny Cash, so...

Half is better than none, I guess. *g*

They make "love in a canoe" beer? Do they guarantee it? "Drink our ale and hump on the water"?

It's a euphemism (which I've usually heard as 'sex in a canoe' instead) for beer which is 'fucking close to water'. It would probably not actually get you laid in a canoe, at least not by someone who likes good beer. ;)

i want to say some music is more of an acquired taste (as some beer-drinkers will say beer is). i can see johnny cash fitting into that slot, mostly because his music is dated and feels old.

now, i grew up on cash (and the rest of his gang), so i've been a fan from diaper age, but my kids don't care of him (other than a very selected song or two).

there's always hope. :)

I've been thinking about it and I think that part of appreciating Johnny Cash is, well, appreciating Johnny Cash. I don't think his music would appeal to me as much if I weren't thinking about him while I listen to it, the newer recordings especially.

Beer's a no (except stout, which is so different from both ale and lager I really don't count it as one, and except for Deuchars, one Scottish beer I found myself liking to my great surprise. But only on draft, and only Deuchars) and Johnny Cash is a yes.

I love stout and ale and lager, all!

I hate beer. I ador Johnny Cash.
It works.

That's good to know, though I'm still sorry I couldn't get him to like beer.

(Deleted comment)

Re: that could be so.

He's tried lots of kinds of beer. We were doing a taster in a brewpub at one point and the beer he liked the best? Was raspberry flavoured. It made me want to cry.

I love you too, honey. Sorry I've been such a flake about getting in touch. From November to February, I'm just one big ball of flake as I try to get through the long dark corridor.

I don't drink beer, because I don't like the smell, and the taste.

I never listen to Johnny Cash. In fact, I never heard of Johnny Cash before I read in People's 2003 News about his death. Weird? Exactly! But then again, I lived in a galaxy far far away before I live in Holland to study. Is that a good excuse? Well yes, for the Johnny Cash, but definitely NOT for the beer XD

I love the smell of beer so much, I've been known to sniff the empty bottles. I might be a little obsessive. *g*

I hate beer, but I love Johnny Cash. *pause* Of course, I also live in the South where it's literally the eighth deadly sin not to love Johnny Cash...

Do they test you for Cash love?

Good God, any of the American recordings would make him a believer. Hurt totally out-does NIN, and the Tom Petty song kicks Tom Petty into the ground.

But I guess the original song is great too -- When the man comes around. It's the quintessence of Cash.

Heh. I <3.

I too dislike beer and love Cash. It is a winning combo!

I'm not sure whether to be glad so many people are like that or depressed by so many poor souls who don't like beer. *g*

I can't stnd beer, or even to be in an elevator with someone who smells of it

But I have tons of Johnny Cash, including the new collection all on black cds.... so pretty

Oooh, nice. I still have some holiday cash to spend -- I should think about getting those.

I think there must be a direct correlation, because I don't like beer or Jonny Cash.

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