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You can call me Hal.

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I send you this file in order to have your advice.
This meme is going to have the same effect as mentioning JKR's adverbs before you read HP. *g*

How to tell if you are reading Hal-brand fanfic, at least the stuff from the last few years:

10. plain language

9. few supporting characters

8. excessive use of the word "and"

7. an overabundance of tricolons

6. Kaidoh starts off miserable and ends up happy

5. if there's explicit sex, it's depressing or awkward

4. somebody gets pushed up against a wall

3. Tezuka starts off miserable and ends up miserable

2. comma splices, beautiful comma splices

1. It says "by Halrloprillalar" on it

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I was gonna do that meme, but all I could think of was "It says 'by James' on it."

Maybe we should write some fic, and put other names on 'em, to sort of branch out and have some variety?

We could post them to a comm and make people guess who wrote them.

Poor Tez! Lucky Kaidou! *amused*

Yeah, I'm trying to be less predictable in this regard. *g*

I'm in love with this meme, but why did whoever created it not make it a drinking game instead?

Also, what is a tricolon?

Icon love x100. That's awesome. *_*

Upon snooping through your icons, I need to take back my previous statement. All your icons are love. They're wonderful.

Oh, god, you're so right. I'll keep the drinking game version in mind for another time.

A tricolon is more or less a list of three things, usually increasing in importance from least to most. Like this bit from Mimnermus:

May I die when these things are no longer important to me:
Secret love, sweet gifts, and the bed.

When I was activing studying Greek and Latin, so many things from what I was translating showed up in my fic. God, all the Cicero made me write immense periodic sentences. I think I've got rid of most of that stuff now.

Ahh, I knew there must've been a term to describe the 'lists of three things' in fiction. I see them too often for there not to be.

Sometimes I find it really hard to not fill my writing with dozens of tricolons. When I force myself to stop writing them I usually end up writing exploded tricolons instead; three descriptive sentences about each object, never more or less. XP Stupid human fascination with the number three....

(um, by the way, why am I on your Friends list? Sorry if that sounded rude, I'm totally cool with it, don't get me wrong, it's a honour even. I'm just a tad curious as whilst I love your fic, I almost never write meaningful posts myself and the only things we seem to have in common are Samurai Champloo and Knights of the Dinner Table XD)

I read in "The Number Sense" (Stanislas Dehaene) that three is the largest number of objects that we can instantly recognize without doing a rapid count. Maybe that has something to do with it.

by the way, why am I on your Friends list?

I can't remember exactly, sorry, but probably when you friended me, I checked out your LJ and thought you were interesting. :) I like having people with different interests on my list.

If I make you feel wiggy, let me know. And please feel free to drop me too, if you decide I'm posting about too much boring stuff.

I'm stealing this meme. I'm waiting for it to invade my f-list. :D

It was all over mine this afternoon! I look forward to yours. :)

yay number one!
I always have enjoyed your economy. of words.

Thanks! I always had trouble in high school making my essays long enough. :)

Well, just when he's with Ryoma. :)

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