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Joey/Chandler redux, with ficlet

Okay, I had my weekend fling with Joey/Chandler. There's a fair bit of fic out there. (See the original post for some links.) Most of it is pretty bad, either Nifty-style with "man milk mixing" and "10-inch Italian meat", or ff.n-style with Chandler turning into Miss Jane Bennett and taking to his bed with tears and sorrow over his love for Joey. And let's not even get into what happens to Monica.

But there are a few that I enjoyed:

Idle Hands by amatia

Not Kissing Joey by amedia -- great dialogue in this one

Here's a tiny snippet from me, to get them out of my system, and then I think I'm done. This will teach me to loll on the couch and watch sit-com reruns. What's next? Cartman/Butters?

Men Like Sports by Halrloprillalar
Friends, Joey/Chandler, PG, 188 words.
Olympic games.

"Okay." Joey pushed out the footrest of his chair. "We've got food, we've got beer, we've got ESPN."

Chandler pulled a bottle out of the cooler. "All set for our Olympic holiday."

"Yeah," Joey said. "We won't have to leave the apartment for two weeks."

"Unless we want to get laid."

Joey stared at the TV for a minute. Then he turned to Chandler and grinned. "Hey..."

"Oh, no. Don't even have that thought in the same city as me." Chandler raised his beer, stared at it, didn't drink. "You know, this whole experience is tainted now. You've tainted it."

"It wouldn't be real or anything." Joey gestured at Chandler with the remote. "Just like we were in jail or something."

"If we were in jail, I would pimp your ass out for cigarettes." Chandler grabbed the remote. "You're not allowed to hold things that are...you're not allowed to hold things anymore." He turned up the volume. "Now shut up and drink your beer. From a glass."

They watched the opening ceremonies for a few minutes.



"Ask me again when rhythmic gymnastics is on."
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